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Fly Fishing: Reading Water by Adam Reder

A nice visual for the beginner, to show/explain Riffles, Seams, the Bank, Joined Seams & Rocks importance in providing fish oxygen, feed and protection. Check out Generation Fly-Reading Water Effectively

Adam Reader on Reading Water (Generation Fly)

Nice visual and simple explanations re holding lies.

Also, a 2006 piece by Mike Gorman on where Steelhead like to hold at Gorman Fly Fishing

“….my assessment that more than 99% of the area in a typical river does not hold resting steelhead.  Most of any given river may be too shallow, too fast, too slow, too exposed, too warm, too cold for steelhead to linger for long.  The astute angler must discover the “Sweet 1%”.”


Fly Fishing: The Dollaghan

Antrim FF Tours

“The name Dollaghan comes from the Gaelic word dulach that means swift running and the translation of Dollaghan equates to ‘run of fish’ or ‘running fish’. Within the Dollaghan family there are a number of different trout that scientific studies have shown spawn separately and thus maintain a genetic isolation. Local names for these fish include Buddagh or Breddach which translate to big fat fellow…” AboutFlyFishing

This is a short, fun piece about Irish Fly Fishing. I like sorting through the language and culture of the sport. A beautiful country, people and heritage. An interesting article. Interactive Map too


Fly Fishing: Montana Pike

Several years ago, a good life long friend of mine moved to NE North Dakota and eventually to Billings, Montana. He was a trout fisherman for sure and I was intrigued as he explained the amazing hookups he had had for pike. Pike? Did seem a bit off track in the land of Steelhead, Salmon & Trout, he had just departed (Oregon). Bass and Carp were hard enough to embrace. Pike? Well he shared how predatorily, predaciously cool it was.


In the last several years, I have come to understand the scope and addiction of Pike Fly Fisher’s across the Northern latitudes. Simon Graham at his Pike Site is among several that give an exciting face to this species. So, while checking out Wayne Mumford at WillFishForWork, I saw he was mentioning his moment of recognition at BloodKnot. The piece is entitled The Beer Swilling, Spin Rod User’s Cousin. Check out BloodKnot and pay particular attention to pages 70-74 for Wayne’s well written praise to the toothy critter. Someday, I hope to try for this fish. Time seems in short supply to do it all, so I remain focused on trout with additional efforts to get better with a two hander for Steelhead.

Yet, top water for Pike (and Bass) does appeal to me. The predatory wallop does not offend my freshwater sensibilities. One thing is obvious as one studies fly fishing near and far…you fish for what you have available. Doesn’t matter the species, it is the process.

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