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Fly Fishing: Hell Yeah!

Tuned Up & Ready (AIRFLO) SB

“Understand that Skagit lines are designed to throw sink tips and Scandi lines are designed to throw leaders. Because some sinking poly leaders look like sink tips it is easy to confuse the two, even though they are much different. If you were to put a poly leader (even a heavy sinking) on a Skagit line the performance will be sub par. The reason is how the energy is transferred to the attached tip.” Metalheads (more)

Jay Nicholas of Caddis Fly Shop further explains more


Fly Fishing Insect Smörgåsbord & Bull Trout

Still amazing. Green Drakes and Flav’s, PMD, blue wing olives, mahogany duns, 4 types of caddis, little olive stones, yellow sally and golden stones are all hatching. sometimes at the same time which is a puzzle to figure out which fly the fish are eating on any given afternoon. Tons of bull trout in the system now, with kokanee just migrating up this week. We can expect to see them by the tens of thousands in the next 2 weeks spread out between the lake and the headwaters. That means aggressive Bull Trout and plenty of eggs in the drift for the trout.” A late September ’09 report from the Fly Fisher’s Place, Sisters, Oregon on FishEyeSoup. Bulls and Kok’s should give it away. To Oregonians at least.

1994 migratory study by ODFW on wired up Bulls….interesting small scale study that provides info for you, the fly angler on location, location. Oh, don’t get your panties pinched. Not talking redds or spawning trib’s. Fair target otherwise. A chuck & duck streamer pattern.

Peanut Envy (Kelly Galloup Pattern)

Peanut Envy Streamer Recipe

Peanut Envy (Kelly Galloup Pattern)

Oh, John Judy offers up even more incentives


Fly Fishing: Zebra Caddis

Zebra Caddisfly Macrostemum zebratum

I was researching this Caddis after noticing several enquiries for the fly. In the process, I learned a  few interesting tidbits from this eNature site.

“Female caddisflies drop masses or strings of hundreds of eggs into fresh water, or they attach them to vegetation overhanging water, into which larvae drop…. (Underline my emphasis).  Eggs hatch in a few days but most larvae need a year to develop.”

Zebra Caddisfly Macrostemum zebratum

“These fast-water caddis flies are unusually elegant; they have shiny, dark metallic-colored bodies and glossy wings.”

I can envision a few strands of careless yellow or orange CDC trailing from the abdomen of an adult Caddis imitation; impressionistic perhaps, pointless perhaps. But more imagination toward a suggestive female adult in the water with trailing egg strands near shore or adrift. I don’t know. Just trout food for thought. Ha! The season is almost over, save the October  Caddis, and now I find this. Well, planning for next late Spring I guess.   Zebra Caddis Pics

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