I realize there are many organizations & clubs that endeavor to draw in new blood to the sport via short term clinics and club events. The use of a school system and several committed volunteers for three sessions a month is an impressive commitment. Such a system would best be situated near suitable waters to hold interest and offer possible successes. The Pertshire effort seems quite admirable. I am sure there are other similar programs.

“It’s very community-spirited,” explained Fiona yesterday. “There’s seven or eight coaches who all give up their time and expertise for free, we couldn’t do it without them….AFYD courses are springing-up all over the country now, they’re proving to be really popular….I think parents like it because it gets their kids outside in the fresh air and keeps them occupied….If they want, they can take the skills they learn here and use them to gain other qualifications which will help them in later life.”  Pertshire & Kids Angling