Henry's Fork (Idaho F & G)

“The draft proposes to close most of the Henry’s Fork to motorized watercraft, but in testimony before the waterways committee this summer, the fly fishing community urged the county to keep motorboats off the entire river. They were concerned about habitat and spawning bed destruction and disturbances to wading anglers and non-motorized boaters. Many the fly fishing industry brings millions of dollars to the economy and the county should set policies that support that industry.”

15hp Yamaha

“As the draft stands now, the river between Mack’s Inn Bridge and the trestle bridge below Big Springs would remain open to motors less than 15 hp. The Henry’s Fork between McCrea Bridge and Mack’s Inn Bridge would remain closed to all motorboats, possibly because the fly fishing community raised the biggest ruckus about allowing motorboats there. The river from Island Park Dam downstream to the Hwy. 20 Bridge above Ashton Reservoir would be closed to motors. The river from Ashton Dam downstream to the Fun Farm Diversion backwater would also be closed to motors.” Island Park News (Italics my emphasis re economic/political impact)

Hearing: The Fremont County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) will hold a hearing on the draft “Fremont County Waterways Ordinance” at 6 p. m. Wednesday, October 6 at the Fremont County Annex, 125 North Bridge Street, St. Anthony, Idaho. The written comment deadline is over.

“The Fremont County Board of Commissioners proposes to adopt an ordinance entitled “Fremont County Waterways Ordinance,” regulating the use of motors on the waterways of Fremont County, as allowed by Idaho Code 67-7031, also known as the Idaho Safe Boating Act. The proposed ordinance applies to the entire county.” Fremont Co. Agenda