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Tiffany Johnson Benefit Auction

The brave struggle continues and the financial needs do not lessen unless many of us help. If you know of someone particularly generous and blessed, point them toward this most worthy cause.



Fly Tying: Kelly Galloup’s Zoo Cougar

Recently I walked along the shallows of a river and noticed Sculpins scurrying to safety. They were at most 3″. I had not recently considered Sculpins as an offering. Just why do I forget about streamers for Rainbow trout, when it is a primary inciter for Steelhead? For rainbow trout, I seem to have a blind spot. This is a good pattern…the Zoo Cougar, to use. This may be a darn good pattern to swing along the bottom and back this Fall/Winter…and for Browns (as a chub) on my favorite lakes.


Zoo Cougar @ Fly Addicts

Sculpin Pattern: Zoo Cougar. Excellent tutorial on not only the fly at hand, but over all good tips. I couldn’t get it to load in video format so here is link.

Kelly Galloup’s Zoo Cougar


Fly Fishing and Fall’s Emergence

A short spot of time shuffling along high and dry rocks and shallows. Looking at Stonefly shucks. Caddis casings and their crawl trails beneath the water. The expected Fall colors and fluttering leaves landing upon the water. The upriver wind strong and the October Caddis pattern propelled upriver creating instant drag despite mends. Downriver presentations danced and skittered produced strikes. Nice sized trout porpoised across the surface as Caddis and Mayflies elevate away in the brisk wind. Slightly under dressed for chill, a long walk back to the rig….I knew that my fishing time would be reduced as my body heat dwindled.

I had success bringing fish to the surface and near with Dries and Large Pupa. I had a trout follow my Pupa as I raised it toward the surface. The fish was tracking the fly a good three feet on its side, almost belly up, reaching for the pattern before it veered off near the surface. Perfect water, perfect pace, I regretted not selecting the two hander, but I wasn’t sure of the current Steelhead run’s progress up river; perhaps I was well beneath them by now.

I felt the chill increase. The ankle, wrist, lower back and neck said enough. With a good half mile back to go, I shuffled along picking my route and taking in the Fall beauty. I stopped half way and hunkered down out of the wind to smoke my briar and take in the river. The walk back completed, I stood at the tail gate stripping down and stowing away the gear, but not the peaceful memories.

Simple sights, simple beauty. A slow pace back allows one to look about. Not busy powering from A to B, you have time to see not just feel.

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