I originally bought several Icebreaker tops from McKenzie Outfitters (now defunct) in Eugene, Oregon. I wanted lighter, insulating layers beneath my heavier insulating layers. The 150 and 300 designations were perfect. Ironically, the primary thing the clerk could tout was how little I would stink if I wore the tops sans bathing or washing the tops. Odd, I thought at the time. Dare I say I ran an experiment. No, I didn’t forgo personal hygiene. But, I did wear the tops for months under strenuous conditions and did not wash them. I waited for that whiff. It never came. I’m amazed at how fresh the tops remained after at least two dozen wearings/outings. Yes, I did eventually gently wash them as directed and the dirt and grime was present. So, at some point you must wash gentle and dry gentle with your other ‘delicates’.

Ok, enough about my odor detection experiment based upon a seeming dare from a skinny, rock climbing kid in dread’s. He was totally right! And, the layers are amazingly comfortable. There are many layers offered and all manner of garments. I wholeheartedly recommend them and even advocate gently washing them now and then.  Cool company with thought out mission. Another man’s experiments (here)