New Madrid Fault Line & Earthquakes

“Although we typically think of earthquakes as specific to certain regions such as California, we, in the Midwest, have one of the most active earthquake faults in the country – the New Madras fault. The following map shows earthquakes that have been recorded from that fault since 1974.”   (1812 New Madrid Earthquake)     (Reelfoot Lake Origin)

New Madrid Fault Activity

Mississippi River ran backwards from the estimated 8.0 New Madrid Quake?

“A series of three to five major earthquakes (magnitude 8 or larger earthquakes) occurred in the NMSZ in the two month period between Dec. 16, 1811 and February 7, 1812. Several thousand additional “smaller” earthquakes occurred during the three month period from Dec. 16, 1811 to March 16, 1812. These included 15 quakes of magnitude 6.5 to 8 (the size range of the 1989 San Francisco, 1994 Los Angeles and 1995 Kobe, Japan earthquakes) and 189 quakes of magnitude 5 to 6.5. Two thousand of these quakes were felt by people, indicated by crude seismograph instruments and recorded in personal journals at Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio, which are respectively 250 and 350 miles away. The New Madrid area was at the very frontier of European settlement at this time so there were very few non-native Americans living in the immediate area to report the earthquakes.

Due to the harder, colder, drier and less fractured nature of the rocks in the earth’s crust in the central United States, earthquakes in this region shake and damage an area approximately 20 times larger than earthquakes in California and most other active seismic areas. Even though large earthquakes occur much less frequently in the NMSZ than in California, the long term average quake threat, in terms of square miles affected per century, is about the same because of the approximately 20 times larger area affected in the central United States.”   Missouri Dept Nat Resource

8 Responses to “New Madrid Fault Line & Earthquakes”

  1. 1 Martha Barron Martin Drouin
    October 23, 2012 at 13:07

    I worked at 13 nuke sites with multiple units in the 70’s, 80’s,and 90’s.I was in QA/QC. I also worked in the PP located between Columbia and Jeff City Mo., Fulton which is built on the fault.US Nuclear PP’s are built under much strickter Fed. Reg.’s, Spec.’s and procedures.

    They had problems in Japan and in 1986 Chernobal.Rev.8:12 mentions this disaster.It is the 3rd Trumpet. In the Ukranian vocabulary the word Chernobal Perhaps mispelled is translated Wormwood. The nuke plant is the star, the bitterness the radiation.We will never know how many were affected and killed by land and waters. people have been moved miles from the site.

    Our Nucular PP are seismically contructed. Earthquake proof/ designed above the quake limits estimated.The plants are designed to shut down as done when we had a quake hear in Va. this year. Nuke plants are fireproof. can withstand tornado’s and hurricanes. They can withstand a 747 if hit.

    I am BiPolar and have had visions at times. In 90 I had a vision of the U.S exactly the right hand side of the fault. In 86 I saw on TV in black/white no sound just closed caption. Different cities with numbers of people still alive. Very low, Columbia, Mo. was just over 100.

    Lately Bible prophecy, has talked about thinking something is happening there. So I looked at the maps and there was what I saw 22 yrs ago. God said if you divide my country I will divide yours (Isreal). As the Ark provided a safe shelter for Noah and the animals, the nuke plant will be our ark.

    There is so many likeness between the two including the large door for the large animals,the nuke plant has 1 large door for the equipment like the reactor and the steam generators. I hope having 15 PP in this area will save the ones that believe, unlike the men in Noah’s time.

    Noah gave them a warning and they laughed at him. May God bless you all.


  2. October 23, 2011 at 19:03

    Hi, I have been following all quakes and other events since March after Japan quake. its been hard to get some info. Please know there are people out here who really do care about what is happening to humanity. Yellowstone hasnt posted anything for some time, but someone I know was out there in August and saw dead herd of buffalo and thought I was crazy till he saw that. Are nuk plants being shut down? I hope so. Its not just harrp, there is a dwarf star in our solar system now. This is causing many problems as well and will get worse. There is alot of miss info but it is out there and a replica on vatican property. Check out Vatican,nibiru and you should find it. get prepared and my prayers are with us all. C.O.


  3. 4 Lady Whitewolf
    February 18, 2011 at 05:00

    With all the activity that has been going on in Arkansas and Yellowstone, I wonder how long it’s going to be until we start getting it here in New York? Supposedly we are sitting on a minor fault line too….


    • 5 SwittersB
      February 18, 2011 at 21:02

      Yes, Lady. If you query New York fault lines, as I am sure you have, there are several entries for New York City and New York State.



  4. 6 chuck
    January 27, 2011 at 21:03

    damn, nigga, that shit gonna fuck us up yo


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