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Fly Tying: Mottled Experimentation

Nothing extraordinary here. Just experimenting with colors when wet. Odd, even goofy looking when dry, not bad when wet, but a little weak in the shoulders, behind the cone head. I do sometimes wet a nymph or streamer pattern to see how it looks wet, on a paper towel. Some materials, like marabou, are much more active in the water than when swept back out of the water. I think I would forget the front black hackle and build up that area with dubbing or hair collar of some sort.

Hackle Barring and colors for mottled look? SB

Hackle Barring and colors for mottled look? SB

Some mottling; too thin behind the cone (SB)


Fly Fishing: Mountain Whitefish Eggs

In the Western U.S. & Canada that pesky, much maligned Whitefish is spawning for the next several months. Trout will feed on the drifting pale eggs. So, as long as they are there in those cool streams, you might as well include pale, yellowish eggs in your Winter arsenal for the next several months. Weather yarn eggs or beads, the pale yellow/peach, the size of a pea, is an option for fish holding below the spawning Whitefish.

Whitefish Eggs (FlyfishUSA-Welches, Or)

Whitefish Eggs (WorleyBuggerFlyCo)


Fly Tying: Crawdadito

Several years ago, Tony Muncy had a fly fishing expo that he had been invited to tie at (14 y/o). So, I suggested the small crawdad pattern I had recently come upon. These are a few of the little crawdads he tied at the show. I found them in a plastic zip lock bag along with the precursors for the pattern. Somehow, after the show, they did not make it into a fly box for the true test. Found about a dozen of the little devils and they are going into a box.  Fishing crawdads.

The hook is a size 8 (4xl); some lead wire was wrapped mid shank and overlaid with tying thread; the body is an orange sparkle estatz type material; the backstrap is orange raffia with red copper ribbing; the antenna are hackle quills and the claws are feathers coated with a glue and then cut to shape after drying; the eyes are the plastic dumbbell eyes. Some of them have the marabou fluff tied in to suggest movement. Different colored threads were used from orange, black to clear mono thread.

Crawdadito by Tony Muncy (SwittersB)

Small Crawdad by T. Muncy (SwittersB)

Crawdad by T. Muncy (SwittersB)

Crawdad Pattern by T. Muncy (SwittersB)

Crawdad Claws (SwittersB)

Crawdad pattern tight & fuzzy (SwittersB)

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