SwittersB Sun Damage

This collectors edition photo of SwittersB is not because I am that vain, but rather because I was, at times, that and careless. The damage from sun exposure was frequent and at a relatively young age, it shows. I recently had occasion to stand in front of a TV camera for an interview. The shot was situated so giant windows provided light for the shot. It also highlighted my complexion in a shocking way. It was winter and and I did not have any color, save my sun/age spots….many spots. I was a blotchy patchwork of spots. I was aghast as vanity & carelessness came to roost. The back of my hands are equally spotted.

Sunscreen and protection. I do have a few spots on the forehead and collarbone that never quite heal. I am headed to the dermatologist. I know what I will hear. Vanity and carelessness. Ok, don’t lecture me about the briar.