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Dog Biscuit Emerger Patterns: Carp on a ‘Fly’

Fly Fishing for Carp. I know, I know. Chumming with dog biscuits. All those fishless visits to the nearby slough. I never brought my Purina along. Other fly patterns. Calm down. I am simply sharing the many worlds of fly fishing and “fly fishing”. I wonder if Smelly Jelly makes a ‘dog biscuit’ gel scent?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dog Biscuit "Fly Pattern" The Fly Factory (UK)


Oldest ID’d Bald Eagle Dies (Auto v. Bird)


Bald Eagle


“The oldest Bald Eagle on record was killed earlier this year after being struck by a car in New Brunswick, Canada. Biologists recently discovered the Bald Eagle was banded in Maine in 1977 after investigating the metal band found on one of its legs…” (Kiwifoto)


Fighting Butts (Let the analysis begin)

Right now I have to watch the Beav’s and the Ducks. Then brave the cold temps and East wind out of the Gorge to string the lights with care (kind of). At some point, I will write a post re fighting butts on fly rods. Soon. Really.


Biotech Salmon? Science, Progress, Engineering

“For the last 15 years, AquaBounty, the Massachusetts-based company that is seeking FDA approval to create and sell biotech salmon, has been working on creating a fast-growing salmon by combining the genes of a Chinook salmon and an ocean pout—an eel-like fish. In September, an FDA staff analysis concluded that the genetically-modified salmon is safe to eat and poses little harm to the environment.” (more here)

The Losers (Edward Kay)

“The FDA is poised to put the first genetically engineered salmon on our dinner plates despite the fact that 91 percent of Americans feel that genetically engineered fish and meat should not be allowed into the marketplace. That so many Americans oppose what will likely be a milestone decision about the future of seafood should be sounding alarm bells at the FDA.” (more genetic insult)

So the Obama Administration seems no more brilliant than the W Administration re our fisheries. The preoccupation with the Science Diety will lead to ever more bio designs that do not hold sacred anything natural, native or wild.

“Andrew Pollack writes in the NYTimes that Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table about AquaBounty‘s GM super-fish which…

“…contains a growth hormone gene from a Chinook salmon as well as a genetic on-switch from the ocean pout, a distant relative of the salmon. Normally, salmon do not make growth hormone in cold weather. But the pout’s on-switch keeps production of the hormone going year round. The result is salmon that can grow to market size in 16 to 18 months instead of three years.”

It still needs FDA approval, but as you can imagine, luddites and religious wingnuts of all flavors are already protesting noisily.”   Maximizing Progress

Notice how easily the Science is God crowd throw the names about re those calling into question the soundness of such decisions? “luddites and religious wingnuts”? Seems to be the response anymore to those that question. Name call, marginalize, demean and move on to engineering some facet of our life toward ‘progress’. Don’t question science and progress.

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