As I lay there, mouth glued shut from an OD of MSG via Chinese food, I dozed and for some reason (MSG?) dreamt about the origin of Troutdale (Oregon). I pondered the probability of a trout near the Sandy River (possibly in the tributaries: Beaver creek, Gordon creek, Trout creek), but down low near the Columbia R.? Yes, I dreamt this. I think.

I awoke, unable to swallow. I arose and headed down for water at 1:30 am. A few glasses of ice water helped free my mouth of the MSG paralysis. So now, here I sit writing about something that could have fully waited until later today.

“Troutdale is a community with a rich historic past. The area at the confluence of the Sandy and Columbia Rivers was “discovered” in the autumn of 1792 by Lt. Broughton and his men. The Crew was traveling aboard a British vessel under command of Captain George Vancouver who was aboard another vessel. They were ascending the Columbia River, when they reached a point just east of the mouth of the Sandy River. This point, immediately across the Sandy River from Troutdale, was named Broughton’s Bluff, many years later.”

“However, it was Captain John Harlow, a former sea captain from Maine and successful Portland businessman, who conceived a plan for the town and made it happen. In 1872 he purchased part of Buxton’s land claim to build his country home. Because he raised trout in ponds on his farm, he called his farm “Troutdale.” He convinced the railroad to build a depot at the site of his farm so he could ship his produce.”   Troutdale History (I recall the road houses way back and the smelt runs in the early 70’s).

Ok, time to hit it again. Must have been the MSG? 🙂