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River Levels: Where it Was…Where it Is..Where it will be

If you can access river levels for your favorite, open streams, then chart optimum levels for safe wading. Call the shop or go on line and check out which gage provides indications of the river going up or dropping into shape. Watch the weather and soon you will have a better sense of when to go.

Sandy River Water Levels (Now & Then) TM/SB


SwittersB, the Spey Rod & the Kinect XBox 360


SwittersB Feeling His Way

At some point in my life, fishing a single handed rod became akin to riding a bike. I recall, after many falls, when I could just do it. Same with the single handed rod. Seems second nature now.

However, a two handed rod is not second nature yet. The other night a mental/physical comparison came to mind. I was at my son’s house. He always has the newest this and that techno toy. The Xbox 360 Kinect toy was activated.

‘Oh let’s do the dance game’. Ha! That will be the day. Most of the men hunkered deeper into their chair, myself included. I am of the persuasion that maybe, I say maybe, after several alcoholic bebidas, I might get up and dance at a wedding. Certainly never the chicken dance. Certainly never solo.

So, I had no intention of standing before my family sans rhythm. Yet, there I was standing before everyone and trying to follow the prompts to dance to Funky Town. Awkwardly and mechanically, with no rhythm, I tried to keep up…but, demonstrated once again, SwittersB has no dancing capabilities (unless primed). I felt, at that moment, the same awkward, stilted, over thinking feelings I have when standing in a river waving a two handed rod in front of peers.

Will it pass? I think so, for the spey rod. I doubt it for Funky Town. The other thing such a game does is show you how out of shape you are. New Years Resolutions coming up (yet again).


Fly Fishing: Butt Wraps

Anytime you are shooting line, it has to be part of your visual assessment routine to note line wrapped around the butt section of your rod behind the reel. This is particularly important with a two hander. The angler will most probably maintain a loop of line several feet long, which facilitates  unwrapping the line from the rear of the rod, if it has made its way to the wrong side of the handle.

For a single handed rod for trout fishing, the loop is not usually maintained, so once the line is shot up the guides, it is important to look down and make sure the line is not wrapped around the butt. The line will be under tension. The problem here is the line will be under extreme tension/friction if counter wrapped around the butt. The fish/line will not be able to pull directly upon the reel spool/drag system. The tension of a large fish (should you be so lucky) on the tippet will make it difficult to unwrap the fly line to its correct alignment.

Eric McMillan (maintains the loop with line wrapped wrong direction on rod butt) He will be in a better position to note the butt section and unwrap it to correct position. TMuncy @ SwittersB


Fly Fishing: Color, Texture & Composition

Underwater Spey Pattern by TMuncy (SwittersB)

A bit fuzzy, but taken with an underwater Pentax Optio W30 (older workhorse model). George Cook’s Showgirl Spey Pattern on a tube by TMuncy.

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