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Hanging Shoes…Powerlines…Why?

‘heard tennis shoes hanging over a power line meant you could buy crack there.’

‘In some neighborhoods, shoes tied together and hanging from power lines or tree branches signify that someone has died.’

Wired Soles

‘Old running shoes hanging from trees and power lines are ‘gang signs.’

‘Throwing a pair of shoes up into a tree can also be celebratory act. For graduating seniors.’

‘The purposes for hanging shoes in trees can be negative. Stealing the shoes of younger, weaker or overweight children and throwing them up into an inaccessible location.’
‘The shoes can serve as turf-markers, indicating that an area is under the control of a particular gang.’
‘Some artists establish their own shoe trees, starting with bare trees and adding pair after pair of shoes. The goal of such actions is usually to create a living, evolving art project which other people can openly contribute to by hanging their own shoes.’


Fly Tying: Classes Now…

If your loved ones gave you a gift certificate for fly tying classes, you are set to begin one of the truly enjoyable parts of the sport. If not, then go to the nearest shops(s) and see what classes are available. Maybe you are a bit late for the January classes, but go ahead and sign up for any series of classes between now and late Spring when the classes tend to fall off. Do it! You may be the worst, the best, in the middle. Doesn’t matter. Take it as a refresher. Take it as a novice. As my original instructor, Doug Stewart, advised…’I am lighting the pilot light. The rest is up to you’. Support your local shops. If no shops nearby, check out community colleges or recreational facilities for offered classes.

Pheasant Tail, Ostrich and Ribbing (SB)


Fly Fishing: Under Water Ways & Insect Survival

Above, on a late September day, I am studying the dry, early Fall, outlet stream of Strawberry Lake. What I recall about the moment are two things: the outlet was a bone dry rock strewn bed about ten feet wide and more interestingly, you could hear running water. Not a trickle, but a stream, well below the dry stream bed. This was the first time I came upon this phenomenon.

I imagine we all hear of water tables and realize they reach way beyond a creeks pathway. I was perusing the FlyFishUSA site’s weekly newsletter (12-19-10) and came upon a very fascinating post by  Rick Hafele re underwater/under stream bed water ways and how they influence insect life survival, especially after high water scouring.

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