From The Angry Fisherman: “Fish are like you and I, they like to keep warm in the winter, they don’t want to sit in the shade. Many steelhead look for slower water to sit in, faster water not only makes them work harder, but will have a lower temperature. Look to fish the middle of a run down towards the tailout of the pool. If you can find a soft seam coming off faster water, this is also a good spot to fish during winter months. Wintering steelhead like to sit in water that may not seem that deep to you or I, but it suits them well. If you find an area that is around 3′-5′ deep that is moving at a slow speed, then this is a good area to fish, since wintering fish will often sit in this slow moving relatively deep pools.

Slow runs are a classic wintering steelhead area that they like to sit in. If you notice what seems to be different current patterns on the top of the water in a run that is relatively flat and slow moving, this more than likely means there is a large object in the water creating a current break. This is also a good spot to fish, as steelhead like to sit behind large objects that create current breaks.”