Sometimes a door opens in life and you walk through to better opportunities. How lucky am I that over night my door opened……..

Your Email I.D was selected at random and you have therefore been awarded the sum of US$800,000.00 (Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars)in the end of year UK NOKIA GRANT PROMOTIONS 2010/2011 AWARD.
To claims your Prize please contact:

Mr. Tony Liang

and further,

Dear Cash Bénéficiaire,
Fondation De France has awarded your e-mail adresse a cash grant/subvention of  € 814,054.00 (Eight Hundred and Fourteen Thousand, Fifty-Four Euros) in a random e-mail sélection programme involving 700,000 e-mail addresses in this year’s ballot programme.

and finally,

I am Mr. Paul Mrozinsky, personal account manager of late Dr.Edward, who died of a cardiac arrest a few years ago leaving behind a large sum of money with a commercial bank in the Island of Seychelles which is a tax free zone, a place where plenty of rich people tend to hide away funds not ready to be used or invested, I am also the Client Service manager of the London branch. I will not mention the amount of money which runs into several millions in United States Dollars and name of bank presently until we have agreed to deal. I trust you will understand the need for such precautions. All legal documents to aid your claim for this fund and to prove your relationship with the deceased will be provided by us.
Now, finally, I can afford that Nomad trip to Chile and that Atlantic Salmon trip to Northern Russia on the Rynda or maybe Christmas Island again? I can do it all………………..