Well someone smacked their balls soundly enough to get it pulled from the menu. Dumb. Permanently boycott the bastards at Ray’s Boathouse I say….. Shooting Head (for more)

Now my story won’t get any recognition, but I thought it timely. I was exiting a SE Portland Safeway when I looked up and there on the backside of a non-trendy restaurant (there are actually a few in Portland) was a marquee highlighting Steelhead & Steak, nightly for $10.95.

Country Bill's and Aqua Steelhead (SwittersB)

I called and nicely enquired about the freshness of the Steelhead and the source. The bubbly waitress (now you know it was a non-trendy restaurant…the waitress was not a pinched, pretentious twit) told me the Steelhead was delivered by Pacific Seafood.

A quick on line review of Pacific Seafood, a Portland based company, revealed the source of their Steelhead: ” The steelhead used for both products is sourced from parent company Pacific Seafood’s aquaculture farm located in Nespelem, Wash., situated in the Okanagan Highlands on the Columbia River.”  (Not as alarming as Wild Steelhead for sure, but there is that Aquaculture thing again on the Columbia River?!)  Pacific Seafood

Oh, sorry to all the very nice, non-pinched, non-pretentious waitstaff at those trendy Portland restaurants.

Ballsy: ‘Vulgar Slang. Very tough and courageous, often recklessly or presumptuously so. ballsy.’