Bad!!!!!!!!!  Mind crushing bad! Uncomfortably bad. So bad you will marvel at how they assembled so much uncomfortable, unspeakable bad in one hour of addictive mind warp. Crass? Believe me, yes.


Dear me, spare yourself the mind twisting experience of that amazing ensemble cast that takes your brain on a ride on Shameless on Showtime. Watch it if you dare. William H. Macy will win an Emmy. The cast is top to bottom amazing. Kids in it…not for kids <14 or so (depending upon your threshold for explicit sex, suggested sex).

Nothing to do with fly fishing, fly tying, outdoors? It is why the hell you thank your lucky stars and turn toward the solace of the rod and water.  You won’t find balance, harmony, mellow here. Ok, back to normal….

Now you see why I don’t do movie, music, TV reviews……. Ok, I had  a few too many Stoli’s and Cranberry juice bebida’s. Actually, I posted this yesterday with a, I thought, creative, edgy, over the top string of obscenities and uncomfortable visuals following the “akin to….” part. I was quickly overcome with some latent, Catholic guilt thing and cleaned it up. Not as edgy as I thought.