Fly Tying: PETA & Your Ethical Decisions

Ok, you ugly, insensitive bastards. You have a decision or two to make. Craft store, synthetic doll’s hair or Temple Dog. Elk hair or….. Partridge feathers or….. Grizzly hackle or……. Well, there are options like Ice Dub and …… Geeze, we may be fishing egg patterns after all. Of course, the fly tying issue has not crossed PETA Pathetic’s minds yet. But they are more than honed in on your hurting the fish. And, please don’t don’t send me the supporting documentation of studies re fish pain levels etc.

There’s nothing funny about being electrocuted, drowned, strangled, gassed, beaten to death, or caught in a steel-jaw leghold trap just so that some greedy, heartless person can wear your skin because they think that it makes them look rich or glamorous. In reality, it just shows everyone how ugly they are.”  (or tie flies! you heartless, uncaring , oblivious person)

The Pubis Fly cannot be far behind. Well actually I think that has been tried.

What’s Wrong With Catch-and-Release Fishing?

Fish who are released after being caught can suffer from loss of their protective scale coating that makes them vunerable to disease, a dangerous build-up of lactic acid in their muscles, oxygen depletion, and damage to their delicate fins and mouths. According to one fishery expert, catch-and-release victims “could be vulnerable to predators, unable to swim away, or if nesting, not capable of fending off nest raiders. Some guarding males could in fact abandon the nest.” Researchers at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation found that as many as 43 percent of fish released after being caught died within six days.  (ah, meaningful research. Don’t throw them back in you morons!)

4 Responses to “Fly Tying: PETA & Your Ethical Decisions”

  1. January 25, 2011 at 15:46

    Okay Oklahoma and 57% more are swimming again! Wayne, a Pike fly? Let’s just call them midges.


  2. 2 Ted B.
    January 21, 2011 at 22:52

    Hey Fuck PETA and every over sensitive hand wringing wimp amongst them. Be warned you feel good fucks. These idiots care about controlling every damn aspect of your life and regulating every breath you take. Humane treatment of animals aside this is a vehicle toward all manner of control from your clothing, diet, recreation, health, to your nutsack! If you have any left. Neutered? Stop being guilt driven over every step you take. Listen to your male/female instincts while they are still genetically wired into us!!!!!!


  3. January 21, 2011 at 18:26

    Well, if the were in Oklahoma they were probably not studying trout, more likely some warm water species that no one really gives a s**t about anyway. There is a priority list it goes like this:

    #1) Salmonids (and we do the best to minimize mortality)
    #2) Small Mouth Bass
    #3) everything else
    #4) those f***ing PETA “Sea Kittens”

    Personally I think there’s probably a lot PETA members that would look good tied on a Pike fly.


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