I just remarked how watching  Shameless was akin to many awkward, uncomfortable, unspeakable mind warps. Well, I am almost as tweaked, as if being pulled through a ‘bunghole’ regarding a Tucson Taqueria (Boca Tacos y Tequila) offering up, on Exotic Taco Wednesday, tacos with Lion meat. Really? Where are all the hipsters who get their collective panties in a bunch over faux gras? Lion meat?

At $8.95 per taco the obvious things pop into mind: aren’t they protected? Are these ‘hatchery’ Lions, so to speak? How is a hole in the wall taqueria in Tucson, Arizona able to import Lion meat? From some deranged Saudi prince connection via the Congo and a smuggling route through Nogales? Does the FDA know about this? Bizarre Taco Time is a better weekly special name. And, that is a little spendy as I normally order 4 tacos. River Front Times Gut Check article