Stillwater flyfishing can be challenging at times but when the fishing is good, it can be most rewarding! Here’s three tips to improve your chances from Grizzly Hackle.Tip #1 – Try Different Retrieves

Many fly fishers simply cast their fly out and then strip it back in using the same old retrieve, at the same speed. While the law of averages says this might work a lot of the time, it’s a good idea to try different retrieve speeds. Sometimes, the fish aren’t that energetic, and want something that is moving quite slow. Other times, they are more interested in food that seems full of energy.

Tip #2 – Vary Your Depth

I’ve watched anglers fly fishing lakes with only a floating line. Often, a floating line is enough if the fish are near the surface, but on those days when they are hugging the bottom of the lake, you’ll need to get your fly down deeper and faster.

Tip #3 – Take Note Of The Wind Direction

If there’s a stiff breeze blowing, note the direction it is headed. The wind can stir up the surface of the lake, and move the fish’s food supply in the same direction. If the wind is blowing from the east, often fish can be found on the east side of the lake or pond, feeding on the food that has accumulated in that area.