Dropper Loop at GROG (SwittersB)




Dropper Knot from Surgeons Knot (Rackelhanen) SB


There are several ways to fish a two (or more) fly set up. This is primarily used for trout & grayling. The dropper portion off of the completed surgeons knot is what I use. Extensions of mono can be tied in above an existing leader knot, using the cinch knot and after tightening sliding the tag down against the leader knot. Also, the slightly more complicated blood knot can be tied and a tag left to tie on a dropper fly.

Blood Knot (Rexgo) SwittersB
Blood Knot Dropper Tag (SwittersB)

The controlling concept here is are all the flies of equal weight/size (like a brace of wet flies) or is there one fly much heavier? Is the heavy fly at the bottom with the smaller fly above tied onto a tag, as described/shown above? Or, lastly, is the heavy fly the lead fly and a portion of leader tied in at the bend of the heavier fly, which trails back and the smaller fly tied on there. Confusing to write, I know, but easier to see and grasp…….   Steven Ojai and Nymphing Tactics