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Fly Tying: Fair Skinned, Red Head (Wet Fly)

It is a tradition, for some patterns, particularly in non-classic wet flies, to use red thread for the pattern regardless of other components. It is, of course, totally unnecessary. The above pattern could have been tied with tan, brown, black, grey or ? thread. Now, here is another option I have used (not in awhile) and seen others use, particularly if they are not given to using bead heads: they use red thread to designate weighted flies. The above fly could have lead wire wraps beneath the upper abdomen and thorax dubbing. It is concealed and short of jiggling the pattern in your palm, a good identifier would be use red or a similar color to identify your weighted patterns. Even a bead head can pack additional weight in behind the bead and beneath the body material.


Sturgeon on the Willamette River


Tony Muncy, Willamette, River, 'Keeper' 2-18-2011 SB

Sometimes A Man Has To Do What He Has To Do! Tony Muncy out with his uncle, Richard Zach on the Willamette (Columbia River for Sturgeon.)


Fly Tying: Deer-Bucktail Hair Wet Fly

Some forty years ago or so, the Deer Hair Wet Fly was more popular. Whether it stayed on the surface or sunk a bit (like any wet fly) it was one of two flies I carried as a teen, the other being the excellent Tied Down Caddis. Speaking of the TDC, click on the pic of the TDC and note Jeff’s comment re the TDC (Werner Shrimp). Also, note references to an interesting, almost forgotten period of fly tying history in Portlandia. Audrey Joy influenced the art way back and indirectly started my fly fishing/tying enjoyment back in the early 1960’s….



Fly Tying: March Brown Wet

A very simple fly of Z-lon tail, maroonish-brown thread body, brown rabbit thorax, grizzly hackle, red thread (6/0) head on a size 12 hook. Nothing fancy needed. Simple, effective patterns often beg for amendments: ribbings, wings, flash. I am prone to this, as it is part of the fun of fly tying and fishing. Simple wets, large to small are effective, with presentation/location as important as adding flash and dash.

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