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Fly Tying: CDC/Starling Emerger

In my ongoing ‘psychological nudity’, I have to say I have this growing fixation with emergers, wets, CDC, Starling and the visuals of slashing or porpoising takes near the surface. So, with that in my mind, if not yours, I have been tying CDC winged patterns with vague, mental references to BWO’s, March Browns and with a change of clothing PMD’s (I must have violated all manner of grammatical rules by now!) and fly tying as well. So be it….

The fly was tied on a Mustad 3906 Nymph hook (still, I think, one of the best hooks ever made for nymphs), w/ 14/0 Black thread. The tail is ‘Brown Stone’ Antron by Wapsi. The abdomen is several progressive layers of the 14/0 thread. The thorax begins with several wraps from a single herl of Nature’s Spirit Brown Olive dyed peacock stick. Then two CDC puffs, Rusty Brown by Wapsi, front by a Starling feather from Hairline. I am going to mix and match this recipe up into October. Streams or lakes, you know this will work.


Fly Tying: Hackle Placement & Bead

I tied a ‘flymph’ style yesterday with the bead in front of the wing. Ross Slayton suggested I place the bead in a thorax position to facilitate better flair of the hackle. I tied one up that way and  it obviously facilitates flair although I used too big of a bead on a size 18 hook. Smaller bead/thorax next time. Starling wing looks great. As I started the pattern, I knew the bead was too big but proceeded anyway. Heed your accumulated tying instincts to back up or pause before continuing. Turned out ok, but proportions caused me to crowd the hackle between the bead and the eye. Next one…..


Fishing With Jay

Fishing With Jay

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