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Fly Tying: Large Sedge Pattern

I will be the first to admit I don’t have all the species of the Caddis memorized nor can I readily identify them. I study up on the waters I am intending to fish and attempt to match color and size of the pupa and adults. Previously, I have tied up some large pupa for the Caddis Sedge patterns. I tied them with the buggy eyes so that they could also, possibly, suggest the long bodied dragon fly nymph for a stillwater presentation, but added the swept under wings/legs or the emerging caddis. I did not add any antennae.

The hook is a size 8, straight eye hook, the thread was 6/0 black. The eyes are black, plastic dumbbell shaped and tied in on top of the shank due to their lack of weight. The ribbing is gold/silver tinsel with the gold side out. The body (abdomen) is brown rug yarn wrapped and then ribbed with the tinsel. The underwing/legs is tied in beneath the abdomen and is a section of turkey feather with dark deer hair swept back. The thorax is a blend of brown and dark olive dubbing wrapped forward and around the plastic eyes.

Arctopsyche grandis Caddis Pupa (McKenzie R. Caddis)


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