Mining Operations to Watch (Dutch Gold Resources)

I was reading up on Buster’s blog and trying to figure out how he strings together so many unique phrases (with the occasional profane exclamation) when I came upon a post of his re mining in Montana near Rock Creek. The Dutch Gold Resources plans to start drilling this month. Down at the bottom of the article was a quick mention of a proposed operation at the Gold Bug Mine in Oregon.

I did a little digging and found the Gold Bug Mine was a well developed mine in the 1800’s on Galice Creek.

“The Old Channel hydraulic pit on the high terrace was started in 1860 and ultimately became almost 2,000 feet wide and 100 feet deep, the largest such pit in the State of Oregon. It is reported that over 50,000 ounces of gold were produced from the pit. The gravels averaged about .007 ounce of gold per cubic yard and a lot of good ground remains to be mined.”

I find it interesting and not surprising that these operations continue regardless of State or Federal administrations. The dig goes on. Now, I am a frequent, unapologetic copy/paste (discover/share) never steal/adopt blogger so I am mindful of a recent post by Buster (dare I share it?):

“Not a biggiant fan of the ubiquitous borrowed creativity/identity, link-and-go horseshite so prevalent in the FaceBlogger copycat tutorial on Narcissism for Virgins 101 these days, but fuck it: some shit’s actually that good…” ( How does he string those phrases together; I still marvel…?)

So, I am linking to Buster and his posts about the Dutch Gold Resources’ mining ops that seem to continue in or near pristine places. Dare I mention Harry Reid? Selective indignity? Not by Buster. He is consistently indignant….refreshingly so. I still don’t know how he writes like that.

9 Responses to “Mining Operations to Watch (Dutch Gold Resources)”

    April 4, 2011 at 02:09

    heavy diluting pump and dump.not ready for 2011. Get some NBRI if you want gold this year


  2. April 2, 2011 at 14:53

    I was listening to a weekly program on legislative actions for the week last PM and by the sounds of it HB 306 is headed for the governor. I’m delinquent in keeping up with this one but from what I have heard:

    This would apply to new claims (the only one currently w/permit is of course, Rock Creek) and old. So, a company could go back to any claim and get a permit and go to work as well as develop something new.

    This does not allow the expansion of cyanide leach other than what’s grandfathered in which is Sunlight in Whitehall. I heard there were two, but I’m not sure what the other operation is. Sunlight is where they want to haul all this ore to for processing. Will this actually expand cyanide leach on this site? I can’t see how it would not, especially if all of sudden you’ve got several new claims hauling ore in. Remember, the Sunlight operation is not far from the Jefferson river. I don’t know anything about the containment system but if it was ever breached it could end up in there or at least in surrounding aquifer which is what’s happened about 50 miles west in Rocker (aquifer) and of course Butte where its actually in the highest reaches of the Clark fork and has over the years washed down past Missoula.

    So, basically my take is that it reopens gold mining which means that you will see the ramping up of extractive activities surrounding actually getting the ore out of the ground where ever it looks like a claim will pay. These activities take a lot of shapes and forms but history proves that it’s rarely good.

    Also, as I mentioned, increased volume of ore will demand the eventual expansion of the cyanide leach operation to keep up. There is also the problem of transporting ore. Will this take place on county roads, highways, interstates, rail etc. There is already a very contentious issue going on with transporting oil sands equipment between Lewiston, ID and the Canadian border. Obviously, heavy loads are hell on roadways.

    Montana has been left holding the bag by mining operators from the start and this is just another chapter of the same story trying to unfold. Dutch Gold thinks this may be a huge vein above Rock Creek, if that’s true it could be very hard to stop.


  3. 4 craig
    April 2, 2011 at 09:57

    as far as the mining goes: hysterical values drive folks to do things that probably shouldn’t be done. the bags of money that might exist drive people who should know better to facilitate the rape that is soon to follow. we have oil wells near our farm that epa had finally shut down. as prices became high relative to production/regulatory costs they are pumping again.

    now buster…he’s a wonder isn’t he? if he was a space cruiser the inhibition circuitry would be down. the stalwart engineer would be wringing his grimy fists together as he and the ship screamed relentlessly towards that blinking singularity ahead.

    some folks are able to overcome the filter that keeps most of us from throttling each other. h.s. thompson and his gonzo journalism is an example. drugs may have fueled his style but the man’s governor was defective from the start. i can’t write that way as a rule. it disappears during editing or self-editing. but i love it in other folks. it’s like sitting at the edge of the abyss and wiggling your naked toes in it’s nihilistic ether, while realizing you can stand up and walk away safely.

    oops…i’ve said too much. but there it is.


    • 5 SwittersB
      April 2, 2011 at 10:02

      Well, geeze Craig…even you sling those phrases together nicely! And, just where do you do that writing at? Thanks



      • 6 craig
        April 2, 2011 at 12:03

        thanks…just here at my desk.

        i could always string a paragraph or two together, but never had the endurance to do anything long term. while you and a few of your peers seem to have the knack for producing consistently good or better content. it’s just not in my skill set.

        you know, you look at a guy like buster (there’s a few others) and marvel at that whole stream of consciousness thing and wonder.”why can’t i do that?”.

        a shrink i met at a party opined that writers/artists who could do that were borderline sociopaths, like kids and alzheimer’s sufferers. no filters. my parents were depression babies, they sucked it up and tamped it down, they pretty much expected the people around them to be same way. it colors your output, i think.

        if it helps, a behaviorial psychologist i was reading said that as we age (not mature)those sociopathic tendancies fade in strength. if you look at some of the bolder writers/artists that you enjoyed when they were young, you will often see that that fire can’t be maintained, often with very sad results.

        i suspect just kickin’ it down the road might better in the long run.


        • 7 SwittersB
          April 3, 2011 at 00:59

          Just where in the hell were you mental spin meister some 20 years ago when my brain turned to hide in seek? Such a spinster of phrases and real wisdom. But, you know that don’t you? Those lost see the distant light, even if they don’t see the way. Those that don’t get it say “wtf!” Those that need it, see it and reach out. Cool man you are Craig.


  4. April 1, 2011 at 23:22

    Make no mistake, Montana HB 306 is about Dutch Gold having a place to haul all that dirt out of Rock Creek and process it. They’re not asking for new cyanide leach operations, they just want to use the ones grandfathered in (Sunlight in Whitehall)and dig a bunch of new holes and haul ore to the existing processors. The only difference is that each dig won’t have a cyanide operation on site but you still have a big gash in the ground and all the disturbance issues that come with it.


    • 9 SwittersB
      April 1, 2011 at 23:31

      Wayne, are they breaking new ground or reworking old ground? Is this a less severe operation (minus the cyanide use/residuals)?


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