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Fly Tying: Two Tone, Top/Bottom (Nymphs)

You most often see color/shade contrast in fly tying in the round on the pattern….a contrast of materials wrapped up the shank and by virtue of a contrasting ribbing of some sort the fly appears segmented and/or of different colors.

Another technique is to over lay the body (abdomen and thorax) with a darker material. This is seen in the Skip (Morris) Nymph, the Czech Nymphs and in this instance (my pic) a bead head pupa pattern. I didn’t tie the fly (not sure how I came by the few I found in a box’s compartment) but I noticed the backstrap and found the material (dark biot) interesting, if too sparse.

There is a backstrap, but it is minimal and does not aggressively provide a top/bottom contrast in colors (although this is likely a Caddis pattern, and the contrast is important for mayfly nymphs).

From this view, the biot backstrap provides a nice contrast

This is an example of pheasant tail fibers being used as backstrap (SwittersB)

Similar concept for Stonefly nymph (less contrast) SwittersB

You get the idea of the overlay of material creating a contrast (darker on top/lighter on bottom). Ribbing for the suggestion of segmentation is usually tied in at the same time as the backstrap material. The ribbing binds the material down atop the body material. This darker over light idea is frequently used for the wingcase over the thorax.  Pic of Callebaetis Nymphs, Upper Left


Fly Tying: Biot Bodies (Smooth~Ridged)


This is my effort at a Pale Morning Dun, size 16. The tail is a few barbs from a grizzly hackle feather. The body (abdomen) is a yellow goose biot. There is a notch in every individual biot near the butt section. That notch is your guide to whether your body will be smooth (as I did here) or ridged. (Notch up = ridged body) (Notch down = smooth body).  The wing is a clump of CDC that I tied in and raised up into a vertical position with thread wraps around the base. I tied in one medium blue dun feather and wrapped it behind the CDC post and then wrapped the hackle forward, to the front.

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