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Minuscule Dragon Flies

The Dragon Flies and the Lady Bug

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Outdoor News: Grizzly roams free after fatal Yellowstone mauling

100 Yard Gap Closed by Protective Mama Grizzly. What if”s didn’t help here. Grizzly Chases Down Hikers   Offered up as a reminder only. I have only had one random, fairly uneventful incident with a bear out by Stargaven Creek near Sitka. Yes, we knew there were bears. Yes, they were nearby. But, when you hear that nearby people are running in a panic to get to the ‘safety’ of their cars, you do start looking over your shoulder. Then you realize you are cut off from the car. Gives you pause and you do see your vulnerability. Time to exit.    

Frankly some of this stuff plays out so quickly. Last week I was working along the shoreline with an overgrown area behind me. I suddenly heard this rapid, snorting sound behind me and rocks being displaced. I turned and as I did a large German Shepard was powerfully moving toward me. Any gap would have been quickly closed. I squared up. No conscious plan on my part. Frozen, tightening. Had that sudden gut check of ok here it comes and just as quickly the fierce face stopped and the dog turned away running back up river toward an angler 50 yards up stream that I had not seen. The incident struck me at the time as no place to run; didn’t occur to me to run and as usual I self critiqued of what if’s. What would you do? During and after? 

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