It is easiest to fish near parks, stocking points, turnouts with short hikes to the river, campgrounds…these are often actually nice stretches of water…just crowded at times, or agitated after a weekend of fishing, wading, splashing, skipped rocks and the like.

Sometimes you just don't want company or you might just be in the wrong place all together?

New waters, busy waters will require some exploration to separate yourself from the crowds. Research, maps, driving back and forth, exploring spur roads, exploratory hikes are often required to find privacy. Be careful. Falls, slips etc. can ruin part of the fun of fishing, which is finding that special spot. I seldom have access to a drift boat. So, my time on rivers is limited to public access and that, to me, means getting away from the neighboring angler, if even by fifty yards….ideally way more. The locating of a secret spot should be partially mitigated by telling someone where you are parking and where your secret spot is from there…… I know, you the self contained rebel, balks at that. The longer you fish, the more you will come to realize the bumps and bruises of just getting to a point where you can wet a line or get back to your rig.