Some observations as I hang about. (Holy Taco Pic)

Just observations. Implied judgements, I suppose. Just the combined oddities amongst the supposedly normal. At this one location, I have observed the following: this includes a boulder into my truck; a drunk man laying in a ditch with a fire to keep him warm on a hot Summer day; a pickup truck parked on the side of a steep embankment sliding over sideways and stopped from entering the lake by a few trees; a father impaling his daughter’s bottom lip with a treble hook when casting, then yelling at her for being in the way; numerous people falling down the gravel embankment and crashing at the bottom, one even ending up knocking his father into the lake; an odd anomaly of Eastern Euros using multiple rods and over harvesting by a factor of 5+ (never any enforcement; guess it doesn’t fit with the put and take concept); couplings in the woods (must be the heat and nature); talkative gents, who want to carry on extended conversations with me from a hundred feet away over all manner of topics; garbage (beer cans, worm containers, cigarette butts, etc strewn along the lakes edge; fishermen that must cast out a hundred feet to mark their territory (yes, sometimes I drift too close while moving backwards, but seriously asshole casting heavy lead within a few feet of me?).

And, there are a lot of folks just trying to relax, mind their own business, and take home some fish. There is an odd energy when the multitudes assemble at a put and take fishery. I usually find my safe place and observe while making the acquaintance of some fish.

Can or does the put and take (hatchery stockings) foster any sense of protecting the habitat in the larger scheme of things? Could there be some campaign to foster better habits? It is as if the people who manage these resources have turned their backs upon basic messages that would foster respect for the resources. Dump in a few thousand keepers and forget the rest? The rest is, of course, the probable outcomes of human nature when many are gathered.