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Beginning Fly Tying & Fishing: Balanced Fly Patterns

On Stillwaters, the presentations can be vertical, diagonal or horizontal. The Intermediate Clear/Camo line is indispensable for that horizontal presentation. Tonight, I was watching a WFN show (B.C. Outdoors) and Phil Rowley was mentioning a horizontal presentation with a ‘balanced fly’ beneath the slip/strike bobber (floating line). I did a little checking and discovered the fly pattern promotes a horizontal path beneath the bobber, a non-slip loop knot and the hook point riding up.

The combo of the hook eye set back and on top. The bead head and materials should be presented to provide a balanced fly when drifted with a loop knot. Phil Rowley

 The experimentation will be to extend the bead out just far enough beyond the hook eye to achieve a balanced presentation beneath the loop knot/bobber. Query ‘slip strike bobber’ in the search box upper right and you will see several past posts regarding how to rig up the bobber/pin & the ‘non-slip loop knot’. I wonder if some jig heads would achieve this same balanced presentation? Still worth a little experimentation on lakes and wind drifting a pattern beneath a slip strike bobber.

Balanced Leech Pattern by Andy Larkin


ODFW Considering Ranch Purchase…Hearings

“The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is considering the purchase of a 1,075-acre cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon to add to their 3,798-acre Riverside Wildlife Area.  In a statement to the press, ODFW said the McDaniel Ranch, which lies 15 miles from Juntura, would be open to the public for hunting, fishing (Malheur River), trapping, and wildlife viewing.”   More….   

Malheur River, near Juntura, Oregon (Oregon State Archives)



“Once a year, billions of mayflies converge on a lake in Russia’s Primorye province to mate, spawn and die… all on a single day.” The video remarks that a year ago, ‘thousands’ of mayflies laid their eggs over the Primorye lake. That translated into billions of mayflies? So later, how many of those billions were females that laid eggs? I find all these math problems so confusing…kind of like the two trains departing, math problem….always terrible at algebra. 

WILD RUSSIA Episode 7 Mayfly Hatch 

A different Russian Dance of the Mayflies by Sergei Dolmatov...blame it on my Post Op pain meds.

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