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Sculpin S-B-S for Browns or …………?

Predator fish appear to clobber the Home Invader by Doug McKnight given the success of Satoshi Yamamoto at Lefty Angler Blogspot. Here is a S-B-S by McKnight and a look at Satoshi’s Montana angling experiences. I like the anchoring of the dumbbell eyes atop the lead wire wraps base. Open loops, side arm/over the top casts (Belgian casts?) or chuck and duck. Barb the hook.

Doug's Home Invader Sculpin pattern (LeftyAnglerBlogspot)


BWO’s: Small Nymph Time for Winter

Patience Brewster

As a beginning fly tier, you may be jumping all over the map with your tying. Perhaps as the trout season slows down a bit hatch wise, now is a good time to catch up on tying a fly fishing staple and it will also serve you well through the Winter season (if you venture out in the cold to chase trout…a steelheader will, of course, relish this masochistic time of year).

SwittersB Fly Box (Direct Sunlight Shot per advice of Planet Trout)

Tie up a bunch of Pheasant Tail Nymphs and fish the little beauties for the coming Blue Winged Olive’s this Fall and then again in late Winter/early Spring. I am sure you tied a few of these in your beginning fly tying course last Winter. Now revisit the pattern and tie a bunch more in sizes 14, 16 and yes 18’s.

Pheasant Tail Nymph (SwittersB)

In addition to Blue Winged Olives (BWO), you should consider/research some “Little Dark Stones” and Chironomids/Midges. 



Post Op Rehab for the Older Fly Fisher

“Having just had surgery to repair a testicular torsion, I convinced my wife that standing waist deep in the salt would be good therapy. Washington FF Board

“Surgery, then a long rehab with lots of physical therapy. Had to cancel a planned salmon/fly fishing trip to Alaska.” The Fly Fishing Forum

“Appropriate fly fishing technique obviously requires tremendous use of the shoulder and  of shoulder pain after they graduate from their physical therapy regimens…”

Over the years, as an adult, I have weathered a broken heel, a torn achilles tendon, a broken hand, a fully fused right wrist, a reconstructed left shoulder, a broken elbow, a broken thumb, several spinal biopsies and now neck surgery. Car accidents, sports injuries, falls and wear & tear and arthritis have taken their toll on my bones, muscles and nerve pathways. 

At least in my case, I have come to see that the remedies of medicine are not perfect fixes. You make do. You get by. The perfect physical machine lets you down little by little.

What took a month or two to heal before now takes upwards of a year to pretty much heal and there are residual hitches in my giddy up. Maybe it is just me, but I would advise to not rush rehab. Do those piddly little exercises that you look past and follow the advice of that bored physical therapist (most of them assume you will not follow their advice away from the rehab appointment)….that rehab, as tedious as it seems, will make a difference many years later. 

You will miss those trips, those bites, those hatches, those yearly pilgrimages. In the end, you want to enjoy fly fishing, hiking, photography, fly tying, all the aspects of a vital, physical life. Take your time. 

‘Adopt The Pace of Nature: Her Secret is Patience’

~Raplph Waldo Emerson~


Winter Vehicle Stay Put Kit

Well, I don’t live in the most dangerous environ for Winter travel unless I decide to venture up the Columbia R. Gorge during a Winter Blast affair. But, I do drive to the coast on wet, dark, foggy mornings or push down a few logging roads to gain access to a drift. At any point, I might lose the fog line or sight of the edge of the road and take an unexpected diversion off the side of the road.

In such a case, I might be ok to hike out for help, but I might be better served to stay with my rig until conditions (weather/lighting) improve (stats suggest you will live longer if you stay with your rig). We all know the basic first aid stuff we tend to carry, but do you really know how to use it and do you have enough materials to handle a laceration or fracture? Pain?

Basics Again: Does anyone know where you were headed and/or your scheduled return? The benefit of staying with your rig is that people know the general area of your outing so you will be found. Truly warm clothing and shelter for inside your rig with broken windows or while upside down? Extra clothing? Light? High Energy Food/Calories? Water? Do you really know where you are up that watershed? Maps? Plastic tarp? Waterproofed matches? Light sources?

That survival kit: where is it in your rig? In the back under the canopy or in the trunk? Can you reach into that section now? It might be better to always keep that Winter (or any season) Survival Kit in the passenger compartment where you can access it when out in the wilds. 

Many of you travel in serious Winter conditions and are confident that you can handle most anything, because you have over and over. What if’s become muted with the routine of no mishaps or close calls. Your rig can go anywhere. You know better.

The rest of us, have no excuse because we should know we are headed into conditions we are totally unaccustomed to….no excuses…be prepared. 

Driver Dies….Not Wearing Seat Belt



Dirty Little Oversight: Mountaineering Garbage

I noticed the ever eco focused Patagonia’s Common Threads campaign is pushing less consumption with an eye on fixing, reusing, recycling…the austerity model for hard times and because our poor planet is just awash in stuff. I can see nothing wrong with this approach given I have been spending a major part of my life cleaning up two hoarding homes for women that had to have it all and then some.

But, let me venture into this feel good space to say how damn righteous coming from someone like Rick Ridgeway of Patagonia and Yvon Chouinard that have no doubt littered the sides of many pristine mountain sides and walked away, not looking back on all the crap they left behind. Nothing strikes me as more pretentious and spoiled than mountaineers, whom leave tonnage of crap behind for their own vain glory of waving a flag atop a pinnacle of ice. Such arrogance. REI, Patagonia and Kelty et al ought to be spending a bunch to finance the cleanup of of all the mountain chains and trekking paths they have devoted years to promoting the assault and the feel good scarifications.

Wang Yong Han’s Clean Mountain Initiative

Sherpa Guide to Launch Clean Up of Climber’s Crap 

You have brains in your head,

you have feet in your shoes,

you can steer yourself any direction you choose.

–Dr. Seuss


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