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Bacon & Flank Steak Roll Ups

Bacon Wrapped Flank Steak by Lilli Bakes Cakes Lordy Me!

Lilli Bakes Cakes for the wonderful looking ingredients


Little Winter Stones

I have written here before about having memorable Winter fishing in Central Oregon at Tetherow Crossing on the Deschutes R. one very cold day. I wasn’t prepared to identify or even have the right patterns to fish for the browns. There were smaller fluttering insects landing on the water followed by little wallops at the surface. I had no clue if the insects were coming off or landing and laying eggs. In those days I focused on the fish and were they visibly feeding. That was about it. I tied on the closest pattern I had, a black Elk Hair Caddis and caught fish.

Later, I described the where, when and what of it all and a Sisters, Oregon shop owner filled in the details. Little Winter Stoneflies. I have tied up some black Stimulators in the past, but frankly I am superstitiously fond of the all Black Elk Hair Caddis. You can explore other patterns, just be alert for the hatch. There does not have to be snow in the ground, although they be easier to see. Small (size 10-12, slender, Hare’s Ears or more exacting) black nymphs would round out your presentations. Remember how these Stoneflies emerge and how they return to lay eggs.

Black Elk Hair Caddis (SwittersB)


Fly Tying: Mono Loops & 2 Flies

While perusing the excellent tying of John Newbury, I noticed his Hazel’s Cased Caddis and the atypical addition of a mono loop at the bend of the hook. Looking further at this tying technique for multiple fly set ups, I came up with a couple other uses for the mono loop (Hoppicator Loops at Winona Fly Factory) and the addition of a stiff mono loop at the rear of the fly to keep the trailing rabbit fur from fouling around the hook bend. These three options are interesting presentation options for the fly fisher.

Hazel Cased Caddis by John Newbury

Hoppicator @ Winona Fly Factory

Make sure to watch the video linked at Winona of how to rig the two loop setup. I watched this last year and for some reason didn’t grasp the method. Today, when I watched it again, it made sense. Newbury’s pattern is an option in lieu of tying the second fly to the bend. Three options I have seen and never used. They all have merit and expand your presentation arsenal?

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