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Blue Collar Trades (Men & Women)

As I pass the time, of late, with my 94 y/o aunt, I hear stories from the 1940’s. She recounts the scary times of leaving home as a teenage girl (she and my mom left abusive conditions as teenage girls and made it cross country to California and Oregon) and later working in factories as a young woman doing men’s work. The men were mostly gone then, in the military for WWII. She recounts with pride making 55 gallon drums for hours on end for the war effort. My dad was blue collar his whole life. My father in law as well. I am surrounded by tradesmen and women (farm girls that could do it all). Odd how I moved away from that direction. Not by cognizant design, as much as by educator’s expectations & my peers all heading off to college (although I do remember a high school counselor telling me I’d be better served to forgo college and just go straight into the Army). 

Lately, I have been seeing Mike Rowe (the Dirty Jobs guy) pushing an initiative for more emphasis on blue collar trades education and promotion. I couldn’t agree more. There is a glut of the highly educated/leisure class. Perhaps some day we can have an increase in the trades that is viewed as an honorable life choice. Mike Rowe Works 

Mike Rowe promotes the Trades for the Men & Women of America


Wilderness Communications Devices

 “If there’s no risk, there’s no adventure.” Those who are drawn to wilderness medicine—and to the places and circumstances where it is practiced—are, by definition, drawn to adventure and its accompanying risks. Whether it is a backpacking trip, an international mountaineering expedition, or a disaster response, risk cannot be avoided (nor would we wish it to be). What needs to be done in these circumstances is to understand, accept, and manage the risks involved. The tools available for managing risk include thorough pre-departure planning, critically evaluating the situation when problems arise, making sound decisions, and having a plan in place for communicating with sources of outside aid, should their assistance be required.”   

 “A belief that one can readily call for help and be rescued should not lead to taking imprudent risks that would be considered unacceptable if the ability to call for help were not present. Anything that is dependent on technology or batteries can fail. Terrain, weather conditions, and distance can all delay or prevent rescuers from reaching an individual or party in distress. When traveling to the wilderness or to other remote locations, each individual must accept responsibility for themselves and for all the possible outcomes of their adventures.”    Wilderness Communications


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