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Fly Tying for Life & Varied Current Speeds

John Larison @ FlyFisherman

Small piece on current speeds, fly tying material’s undulation capacity in certain current speeds and fly shape. The piece centers upon Steelhead patterns, but is helpful toward streamer patterns in general. Steelhead patterns have ‘progressed’ from chenille, wool, tinsel, Calf Tail, hen hackle, teal and mallard. I don’t know if more fish are caught with today’s busier patterns than with the older stiffer patterns, which seemed dependent upon colors and contrast. The guides and active anglers would know for sure. Click on the fly pattern several times until you zoom in on the beauty of those feather fibers.

NW Fly Tyer @ WordPress 

Traditional Spey Fly at NW FlyTyer


Egg Nog French Toast

Either you like Egg Nog during its brief holiday season visit or you detest it (as I do Buttermilk). I happen to like it. Came upon this recipe via The Hungry Southerner (via, darn it, I lost the link…) 

Egg Nog French Toast @ The Hungry Southerner

Grew up with French Toast. Always been a camping breakfast for at least one morning, with bacon. I am not big on pancakes, but French Toast slathered in syrup and butter will grab my attention.



Kenneth Libbrecht: Snow Crystal Photography of

Kenneth Libbrecht takes some extraordinary photo’s of snow crystals…check out this link at CalTech called


Fly Tying & Fishing: The Leech

I have come upon Leeches in the shallows of lakes, particularly in B.C. Fly fishing literature promotes the use of Leech patterns for stillwater fly fishing.

The Little Fort Leech has been a very successful fly pattern for me. Does it simulate a Leech in the water, by its appearance or presentation? SwittersB

Typically, you see the Woolly Bugger pattern offered up as the go to Leech pattern, or maybe a brushed out Mohair or Synthetic Fiber Leech pattern. Check Google Images Leech Fly Pattern and you see the range of patterns and attempts at innovation toward the real critter.

A Leech photograph by Karl Ragnar Gjertsen. This is a Leech in a more or less compact position, that could stretch out considerably longer. The left, Anterior portion, is the 'front' of the Leech

Leeches reportedly move in an undulating locomotion. Tying and fishing a Leech pattern with that in mind would focus upon the presentation of the fly; how the materials contribute to a sense of undulation and is the pattern shaped like a Leech. Many ‘Leech’ patterns are misshapen and presented in a horizontal mode with only the slightest undulation, usually imparted from the bead head.

I have taken to fishing a Leech pattern off the bottom in the shoals beneath a slip bobber. This is particularly effective if the water’s surface is rippled enough to impart a slight up and down movement to the bobber/fly. First light, last light and dark skies are good times to fish those shallower areas where the muck and debris suits the Leech. I have often found them on my waders in that first few feet of water as I am getting into my pontoon boat or back to shore preparing to exit the pontoon. The bottom is often muck and woody debris.

This is a nicely shaped Leech pattern by RickB called the Slight Leech Streamer. The shape is excellent and the marabou tail would provide the undulation. Some might use a narrow tuft/straight cut piece of rabbit fur. The abdomen of this fly appears to be wound Marabou, although wound Ostrich herl might work also.

Rick B’s Slight Leech Streamer Recipe

Here also, is a good piece re Leeches by Syanley Scharf


Happy New Year 2012

Brook Trout @ Baslee Troutman



Aquatic Macro Work: Jan Hamrsky


Some nice macro work here by Hamrsky on aquatic insects relevent to fly tying & fly fishing.

Jan Hamrsky at AquaticInsect.Net



Berdie Judd, driving sluts & res ipsa loquitur

Renowned fly fisher and advocate for women's rights

You are probably unaware, from life experiences, that once a woman takes to the wheel the community is rife with lust, infidelity and debauchery. That is the assessment of the ruling class in Saudia Arabia.

“In a typical move by the highest religious council in Saudi Arabia, clerics recently announced that if women were allowed to drive in their country, it would lead to “no more virgins” in the Kingdom.

The statement says a lot about the view of women in Saudi Arabia. First, it basically implies that women are all whores who are looking for indiscriminate sex around every corner. Men have to retain strict control over women’s movements, the sheikhs say, because women themselves, if given the slightest opportunity—the slightest freedom—will run around seducing anything that moves.” (more)

As you know doubt know, if you have followed here for several years, Ms. Judd has involved herself to promote women’s causes in France and the U.S. Often she participates sans clothing as a way of expressing women’s independence from the manipulations of men. Given her staging venue, Berdie assured me that she would not, that is not, be communicating without clothing.

Berdie said the abuses via the ‘theothugs’ must stop. She further slung Latin at me that I had to look up: res ipsa loquitur (‘it speaks for itself’). When I wrote back if she had been fly fishing of late, she responded that she had recently traveled, this Summer, to SE Europe, India and Spain to fish. I hope to eventually receive an update re her exploits. Happy New Year Berdie and please keep your top on. (you can enter Berdie’s name in the ‘search’ box and get up to date on her past exploits)


Fly Tying & Fishing with Ed Herbst and Friends

“…South Africa does not have an adequate record of  fly fishing evolution and development. Piscator, because it has been in unbroken publication since 1947, has performed that role in some measure and, as its editor for the past 15 years, I have always been aware of its importance as a journal of historic record. Many of the original pioneers are now dead but this DVD is an attempt to create a cinematic legacy.”

Recently, I was fortunate to receive a DVD from Ed Herbst entitled A South African Fly  Tying Journey with Ed Herbst and Friends. I found the DVD very enjoyable. Included in this work were fly patterns I had never seen before, as well as quite a few fly tying techniques also new to me. Ed Herbst, Fred Steynberg, Dean Riphagen and Tom Sutcliffe tie the fly patterns unique to the Cape.

Ed writes: “South Africa became the focus of global attention when we hosted the FIFA World Soccer Cup last year but not many fly fishers are aware that we have some very pleasant small streams about 90 minutes drive from Cape Town and it is these streams that have been the crucible of much development in small stream  fly fishing in this country.

The fly tying DVD can be purchased online through the Stream-X fly shop in Cape Town –  and its proprietor, Craig Thom – An additional DVD re tying and fishing terrestrials designed in South Africa will be forthcoming in early 2012. Contact Craig Thom at the Stream X Fly Shop and order this first in a series of fly tying DVD’s and enjoy the tying and the gentlemanly camaraderie of the participants.

Ed Herbst and a Small Stream Rod/Reel

A side note: you will see Ed stalking trout in a beautiful small stream. He sent me a remark about that small stick… “Both the cover and the picture on the DVD itself show examples of the rod handles created by Stephen Boshoff in our never-ending pursuit of the ultimate small stream fly rod. The one on the DVD itself is a Scott 1 weight blank – alas no longer made  – and the reel is held on with plastic cable ties to reduce weight. To further reduce weight there is no butt capp and the blank is sprayed matte khaki to reduce fish-scaring rod flash.”

Thank you Ed for the most enjoyable gift of learning new concepts in fly tying and fly fishing.


Fly Fishing: Are Women ‘Often Better’?

 Fly fishing gives women in particular a great sense of achievement and pride. Women are often better suited to fly fishing than men because they tend to be less competitive and less goal-oriented.”

Have you noticed, of late, that this is almost the obligatory statement re women and the sport? I wonder if it is true? Oh my! Did I ask that? Well, I wonder. Most accomplished women I know are competitive and goal oriented. Apparently accomplished women don’t do well in the sport? Oh hell, I don’t know.

Just seems like a statement proffered enough that it is just accepted as a given to avoid the fall out/blow back. I will agree that the endeavor does give a sense of achievement and pride. I imagine men enjoy the same sense of enjoyment when they aren’t competing and quoting how many fish they have caught. 

What is to be gained by raising this now? I just hate the stereotypical, lock step in any cast. Perhaps the fly fishing industry, women’s clubs and causes present this to enlist women and remove the perceptions of difficulty and male dominance?

Well, the more women the better, but seriously drop the silly ass kissing. Women can indeed often hold their own in fly fishing

Also, how did Herbert get so eloquent? Obviously not a competitive, goal oriented bone is his body.

“To go fishing is the chance of washing one’s soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of the sun on blue water.”  – Herbert Hoover, devoted angler and thirty-first President of the United States. (source)


Fly Fishing and Binocularss

I came upon this actually simple, effective idea in a small gem…The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing by Kirk Deeter and Charlie Meyers. The late Mr. Meyers (C.M. in the book) offers up the idea of carrying a small pair of binoculars when fishing to scout a body of water for fish activity. He mentions being higher up on say an embankment. I wonder if this might work from a perch on a pontoon or drift boat on a lake. Couldn’t hurt to have them for hillside observations of deer, elk, bear or tree top eagles. 

This is a nice little book for beginners. Deeter & Meyers provided practical information for the novice fly fisher and good refresher info for us all.

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