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Fly Tying: Cats & Dogs (Fur & Hair)

Since I rescued Penny the Cat from a tall, backyard tree in June, I have gathered a few samples of her fur and tied some fine greyish/tan fly bodies on small nymphs and wet flies. It is important to differentiate from cat hair and cat fur. The cat hairs on your black pants are less suitable for fly tying. The fur, closer to the skin, combed out with a fine bristled brush is better for fly tying. The cat hairs can be gathered and combined into a dubbed collar at the thorax.

Why the interest in cat fur? Well, I have a Yellow Lab that sheds prodigious quantities of hair and a Maltipoo that doesn’t shed at all. The Lab hair has not worked out for me. I have not been able to access that amazing under fur that a Lab has. 

Emma Louise (SwittersB)

The Maltipoo is silky white and I haven’t been very innovative using the hair from his shearings at the groomer.

Harley (SwittersB)

Tonight I looked over at Penny, who was taking a break from stalking the Christmas tree ornaments. I couldn’t help but notice that beautiful Tabby fur on Penny. I figured if I can survive combing her out, then I may incorporate some of that fur into a dubbed fly pattern. I have found cat furs that I have used over the years to be pretty fine in texture.

Ok, this is primarily a ‘show off my pets’ post with only the slightest relevance to fly tying….

Starling & Cat Fur Mayfly Nymph (SwittersB)


State of Jefferson…’A State of Mind’

I recall reading something about a sputtering effort to create a new state, a 49th state, called Jefferson, which would combine the a SW portion of Oregon and a Northern portion of California. The movement, ‘a state of mind’ had supposed momentum in 1941 only to be upended by Pearl Harbor.

State of Jefferson

I had to study up on the X X (double crossed by Sacramento and Salem) center piece for the ‘state seal’. It would be a curious blend of Independent Country folks and Ashland Progressives. (more)

Just a bit of NW oddities that has always made the region ‘special’ 

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