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Portland’s Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree; Portland, Oregon (SwittersB)

“With its prehistoric look and beautiful shape it often draws both awed curiosity and admiration. Seeds arrived in Portland with a Chilean delegate in 1904 when the young city hosted a world’s fair, the Lewis and Clark Exposition. Fair goers received seeds as a gift from Chile and planted them with great success in yards around town where they can be seen growing today. The common name of the tree reportedly came from an Englishman visiting Chile who commented that it would be a puzzle for a monkey to climb the tree.” (more at Tyber Katz)

I have been gazing out the window of a care facility. My aunt is in hospice and I have been spending a great deal of time sitting beside her looking out the window. I recognized this smaller version of a ‘Monkey Tree’ as I have lived many years in Portland and one can see these 106 year old trees in the older part of town. The one outside the window, is perhaps only 20′ tall compared to the inner city trees which are considerably taller. They are not that common compared to the many other trees in Portland, so unique enough to attract a knowing eye.


Longing for……………

A warm Fall day. The crowds gone. Rustling reeds, a brush of warm breeze across the face. Anticipation for the take. No one around. Like your own private lake with a cabin on the hill in the distance amongst the Ponderosa. Bliss!


Changes of Life: Doors Open…Step Through to Look & Live


Mark at No Clear Line wrote a piece about a transition point in life that many of us have been through. Broken, empty, misdirected we have little energy or belief in ourselves at times to venture out for our self, for our renewal. Bereft of self worth, or strength beyond ourselves we ignore opportunities to grow again. Sometimes it pays to take a chance. Perhaps a few fly fishing casting lessons, joining a club, accepting a friend’s invitation to teach or take you along? Let go of that shroud of depression and the drag that saps your mind, heart and soul. Take a chance, take several. Rebuild. 

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