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Fly Tying: Brown Muddler Minnow

The Brown Muddler Minnow is a quite a bit different than the original, traditional Muddler Minnow pattern. There is no turkey feather fiber tail or wing and no gold tinsel abdomen. I like the subtle colors above.

The hook is a size 6, 3 xl hook. I use a little heavier thread (brown 6/0) because of the spinning deer hair. The tail is several clumps of furnace hackle barbs pulled from the quill. I used a single strand of brown wool from a tri-lobal yarn I bought at a yarn shop. You could dub this as well.

I tied in a wing of paired furnace hackle tips with the dark sides out (remember each hackle as a lighter side/underside and a darker side/outer side). I then tie in a clump of dyed brown deer hair and gently pull to encourage it to spin around the shank and create a deer hair shroud around the body of the fly. I then add another clump, shorter, to the head and spin the clump. I then tie off the thread without smashing down the hair and then trim the head to a blunt head to help displace water in a turbulent manner (rather than arrow shaped). Spinning deer hair


Fly Tying: Wets tumbled and swung

2 Wire Bead Head Wet (SwittersB)

The wet fly/flymph patterns, less the bead are probably my most enjoyable stream pattern to fish. Second to that is to incorporate a bead into the pattern to fish a bit deeper. I just have so much success with this type of pattern on streams and rivers, I am somewhat overly preoccupied with them. The bead heads are less successful, for me, on lakes unless fishing a diving Caddis pattern. Wets, Flymphs and Bead Head Patterns are suggestive of Caddis and Mayfly activity. Trailing shucks and sparse tails added to the fly at the bend/rear of shank help sell the Mayfly. Take those components away and the Caddis is left as an option. 

Tumbled and then swung, they are an easy to tie pattern for the beginning fly tier. Partridge, Starling or Hen Hackle lend themselves to suggestive wings if sparsely tied. Keep the body (abdomen) lean regardless of the material for a Mayfly and a little fuller for a Caddis. A small, built up thorax of dubbing helps keep the wound hackle from totally collapsing back over the shank. I am not convinced the metal bead needs to be any particular color, but I tend toward the more traditional colors of gold, brass, black and more recently rootbeer. Some tiers advocate for the hot colored bead.

Now is the time to tie for the next trout season, unless you are fortunate to have open waters to fish. 

A simple wet fly (starling & herl) without a bead head.


Mr. P’s Carp 101 Video

I have to admit to having tried to catch Carp on a fly and come away empty. I routinely caught them with ease on a bobber/worm rig as a kid, but so far, I just don’t connect. I also have not taken the real time to find suitable locations beyond the sloughs in and around Portland. I found Mr.P’s nice educational video effort at themrpblogspot and enjoyed it.


Peacock Tattoo: Design & Application

Bucky’s Finished Tattoo (SwittersB)

Jerry Ware of Atlas Tattoo (Portland, Oregon) did some nice color work for a Peacock Tattoo on, my wife, Bucky. Many peacock, bird feather tattoos have some part of the peacock herl. Bucky and Jerry Ware conspired to design the peacock feather, peacock eye and the peacock bird’s head. The following pics show the progression from design, template, beginning ink to the finished tat above. It will look better once cleaned up.

The beginning ink and design for the Peacock Tattoo (SwittersB)

The color app for the Peacock Tattoo by Jerry Ware (SwittersB)

Jerry Ware, Tattoo/Artist, Atlas Tattoo; Portland, Oregon (SwittersB)

Jerry Ware is the consummate conversationalist, ink artist and all around nice guy. The banter inside the shop, visuals and sense of comfort are enjoyable as you spend several hours practicing mind control, employing breathing techniques…all to take the edge off the needles.

Atlas Tattoo, Portland, Oregon

Of course, getting a tattoo is not for everyone, for all manner of reasons. Portlandia (Oregon in general) has a visible rep for tattoo art and it is more common place and acceptable, so the mind works through the pro’s/con’s with less social mores clutter. It should be special and thoughtfully considered. The above tattoo took several years to work through the mind. Life’s journey can rob the impetus or bestow the incentive to get a tattoo. It just has to be the right time for the first one. 


Catchin’ Air: KiteBoarding Oregon Dunes

As someone that becomes disoriented doing a forward roll on the front lawn, I appreciate anyone that can push the limits skiing, surfing, hell going on a roller coaster. I wasn’t blessed with a sense of balance, lack of fear or lack of  good sense. So, in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, watching mostly bad TV, I came across an apparent series called Catchin’ Air that highlights 2 guys/2 gals that are Kite Boarding around the world. One episode was at the Oregon Dunes. The promo gives an over view.


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