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Fly Tying: Suggestive Movements

The Copper Demon utilizes a dense tuft of marabou for the tail. SwittersB

This Timberline Emerger has a chickaboo tail. SwittersB

This Timberline Emerger has a tail comprised of filoplume or aftershaft plumage from the base of the feather. SwittersB

Seductive movements at the rear of the fly as it sinks, swings, rises or pulses forward can be had with feather parts often found at the base of the feather stem. Marabou, Chickabou, Filoplume are all feather components or styles of genetically modified hackle (Henry Hoffman). Regardless, the feather barbs offer suggestive movements from a natural fly tying component. These same feather barbs can be used for dense wings over the top of the fly as well (not too much though). These patterns have been primarily stillwater patterns in the surface film and in the upper water column.

I feel good about myself that I didn’t resort to provocative header of sexy rear, sexy tail, shake your booty or some such title that would have garnered me extra hits out of Yemen, Pakistan or Riyadh. I am way overdue for my quarterly provocative skin shot. I have come a long way or my testosterone levels are depleted.

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