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Bird’s of a Feather Tattoo (Trisha’s Version)

Trisha came upon the Bird’s of a Feather tattoo I posted. She did further research and came up with her own unique variation of the feather tattoo to honor her family and a departed friend of her son. I am showing the B&W version because it  provides more clarity. In some variations of this tattoo design, one sees the birds are flying away from the feather and in others, the birds are flying into the feather to comprise the whole. 

Trisha's beautiful variation of the Bird's of a Feather Tattoo by Pierce Godbay, P's Tattoo Studio, Endicott, NY

Trisha writes about the inspiration and symbolism of the feather tattoo: “The inspiration for the tat came from the sudden loss of my son’s best friend, in a car accident, along with the representation of my relationship with my brothers! My relationship with one brother has been all of that and more. When no one else is there, he has been, he is my best friend.

Feathers are often viewed as messages from the spirit world and is said that seeing feathers in our path is a direct message from a loved one who has transitioned… Feathers also represent honor, faith, limitlessness, freedom, uplifting… I am including both black and white and also color photo of the tat!” 

Thank you Trisha for sharing your inspiration and the unique tattoo. 


Practical Advice & Worthy Observations…………..

by Zane Mirfin

“Preparation is an important part of success in life. I’m planning for good guiding success but when heading outdoors many factors are out of our control so in reality you can only plan for the worst and hope for the best.

A fishing mate of mine regularly reminds me of the seven Ps, which stands for “prior preparation and planning prevents piss poor performance”. It’s so true, and like the trials and tribulations of life, success in the outdoors relies on going to the right place, at the right time, with the right skills and ability, the right equipment, and the right attitude.

People feel pressure to perform, have often travelled a long way, spent a lot of time and money getting into position, and have a burning need to succeed. These people need stories to tell, dead animals or fish to show or share, and photographic images as symbolic trophies to email, frame, or publish.

Failure tells no story, provides no tangible proof of success, and leaves individuals open to scorn, humiliation and the fear of ridicule. Pride, vanity, and ego are powerful human emotions and the need for instant gratification is within us all.

When it comes to fishing and hunting you can’t always control the outcome but you can always control your attitude. Let your expectations be tempered by reality and you won’t go too far wrong. Try to enjoy your time out there in the outdoors and don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go as planned.” (excerpts from a opinion piece in the Fairfax NZ News)


Lightroom….But none’s shining in my noggin

When I had a Dell, I got by nicely using Photoscape, Picasa and Microsoft Picture Manager. I sprung for a Mac and I have not been very happy with the offerings (IPhoto, Gimp). So, I bought Adobe Lightroom 3 and so far I have a sense of when I was back in high school in that Algebra class. I didn’t receive good marks. 

I was experimenting with apertures and f-stops. I settled on this and am passing it off as some artistic effort and you will be none the wiser. How embarrassing.

First of all it is probably partly garbage in/garbage out. I have somehow forgotten how to set my lighting up and white back grounds turn out blue or grey (I know, simple for most, but not me. I even have the Dummies book for my Canon XTi). My beautiful Canon EF 100mm macro is begging me to figure things out. So, forgive my shots. If you think you didn’t clean your glasses or are having a dizzy spell….you’re not! It’s me.

Things are a bit busy and chaotic right now so in time I will get set up, study up and not burden you with my experiments. I’m going with the glass is half full concept with my pictures.

A little Callibaetis nymph. The fly is not straight on so the simple effort to have it in focus, front to rear eluded me.


Chili & Snowflakes

As you may know, if you come by here now and then, I rarely promote food, bebidas or music. I have even fallen away from the curvaceous promotions of old. But, last night I was led to believe an Arctic Express might be bearing down upon my back yard, so I developed a primal appetite for meat and decided to throw in a few legumes. I browned up some ground chuck, boiled up some pinto, lentil, black, navy and kidney beans in no particular proportions (yes purest, I added beans to the mix). Added to the mix was cumin, dried chipotle, lots of black pepper and a touch of tomato paste. Mixed all together, it was perfect this morning as I watched the snow swirl and blow. Meat!

No, the Kiwi's are not involved. SwittersB's Chili Con-Coction

Of course, the snow has stopped for now (I am one of those rare Portlandian’s that love snow and don’t panic when a half inch accumulates). An aside, do the news crews that standing in Troutdale at the mouth of the Gorge or at Sylvan in the West Hills feels like the blithering fools they appear to be?  


Stillwater Presentations: ‘Keep your tip down’

If I had a buck for every time I’ve cautioned….  Well maybe not that many times, but it is important to your stillwater presentation to keep the tip of your rod down toward the surface. Less slack is imparted to the fly line (above, there is a fair amount of slack to take up in a strip set or by swing the rod to the side to set the hook) if the tip is down to, or even in the surface (Intermediate /Sinking lines). 

If you cannot pick out your fly in the distance, then focus on where the line enters the water and watch for the line’s bow or sag to tighten or jerk away. On smoother waters you can see ripples or pulses jolt out from the sides of the fly line indicating a take. All this is easier to maintain if you just ‘keep your tip down!’ Geeze that lake looks inviting about now.

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