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Eye on the Weather Now….

Current Conditions at a Glance U.S./Canada 


Hummus: How To Make


I like the texture of Hummus. It can be a bit bland, so of course, the inclination is to spice it up. But, it makes a nice supplement to other dishes that carry the more intense flavors as well.


Fly Tying: Simple Thread Bodies

The vast majority of the flies you tie with have material wound onto the shank of the hook to form the abdomen/thorax of the fly. On smaller flies, I have experimenting with a more minimalist style of tying. On some patterns, I have simply used the tying thread for the abdomen with maybe a ribbing of thread as well. The results have been favorable for emergers & dries.

In the above pattern, the Olive Zelon tail/shuck was tied in at the thorax and the olive 14/0 thread was wrapped down the shank toward the bend and then back up to the thorax are. That is the extent of the body (abdomen). There is one turn of dyed olive peacock herl to form a thorax, a tuft of CDC for the swept back wing and a few turns of brown hackle. The thread head is finished off with the same olive tying thread.

Here, I wrapped the olive thread body and went with another color thread to provide a ribbed/segmented appearance. It really doesn't work. The threads appear to have been twisted and when wrapped does not lie flat. The strands of CDC hanging down to the sides would provide life like motion, but again, this was unintentional and created by the hackle wraps, which forced a few strands downward...a good thing possibly. This is why I need to only tie with my new goggles, to better see the mistakes and correct as I go. Does the fly's outcome matter? Probably not, but at some point, does one seek uniformity or tie willy-nilly? For you to decide.


Fly Fishing: Old Gifts & Pay It Forward

For me, this time of year is often a time of sorting fly boxes. Rearranging, noting what needs to be tied, mentally giving priority to those patterns that seem to work, or at least did the last season or two.

I recently have come across some old fly boxes and old hook boxes that have a few experimental or forgotten flies in them. The above fly was found in such a box and I immediately recognized the fly. I originally had two such flies, the other long lost. The beauty of this fly is how it came into my possession on Laurence Lake (Oregon).

It speaks to the intent of this post: some fly fisher took the time to give me a couple of his hand tied creations as he came off the lake. By doing so he gave me a wonderful experience and planted a seed to pay it forward.

He’d had a particularly good day’s fishing. I had been struggling against the winds and really had no sense of what I was doing. I exchanged pleasantries. He asked how I was doing and I was honest. He was kind enough to pull out a tin box that had held cough lozenges, but now held his loose flies. He presented me with two yellow bodied, red tailed flies and told me the where, how and having given me the what, told me to have a nice afternoon. And, I did. 

That kind of generosity has happened to me quite a few times and I have paid it forward every chance I get. Gentle pleasantries and when I see a receptive person, I pass on what ever help I can plus it almost always includes a few flies.

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