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Photograph by Oleg Gaponyuk (Angel Falls)

Angel Falls in Venezuela by Oleg Gaponyuk

A beautiful, lengthy, panoramic view of Venezuela’s Angel Falls using your cursor to move about in your own helicopter view (check out the other waterfalls also). 



Real Tacos & A Beer (or two)

Andrew Evans....Not in Mexico


As in traveling anywhere off the tether of a tourist, the joy is in finding those little spots and partaking of the simple and authentic. Nothing complicated. Little indigenas provide warmth, charm and handmade fair that, for me, has never failed to settle well in the stomach. Take a chance the next time you travel to a far off place. Set aside the language difficulties. Smile, nod, gently point toward your selection (oh for crying outloud…please forget all the cultural admonitions on ‘don’t do this or you may get hit with a shoe!’ crap) and enjoy yourself. The simple salsa is worth a try, don’t you think? Check out the rest of Andrew Evans photographic work in Mexico


Life: Up and At ’em

Viktor Pivovarov (Russian Born, Resides in Prague) Illustrator of Children's Books

Another reminder to shake off those Winter blues, doldrums; shake off the mental sludge. I didn’t get any Winter Steelheading in…not one time. So, this hunkered down, staring at the four walls is a very tired option.

I have been tying a bit. Planning a trip here or there. The gear is setting about, being inventoried and fondled. The truck needs a good cleaning. The back needs some serious rearranging to make room for the gear. Yes, it is indeed time to get out from underneath the mental and physical restraints. Work out the kinks in the legs and hips and look up toward the distance. Good things coming………….

Aren’t I just positively inspiring?



Wolves & Owls: Man’s Meddling

Wolves & Elk

“Idaho elk numbers have fallen from 125,000 to 103,000 since about 1997 to the dismay of hunters, professional big game outfitters and small businesses that depend on seasonal revenues from hunters. 

Habitat changes and heavy feeding by bears and cougars spurred the elk decline before wolves came on the scene, but state and federal wildlife research now links the continued drop in some areas to the increased activity of wolves, said Craig White, an Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologist in Boise. 

“What we found in the backcountry zones, we found wolves were the primary cause of mortality,” (more)


Owl vs. Owl

the Barred Owl

“Federal wildlife officials in charge of protecting the northern spotted owl will release today a long-awaited environmental impact statement that lays out alternatives for killing barred owls, a larger, more aggressive and more adaptive species that has displaced spotted owls through much of their range in Oregon, Washington and northern California.” (more) (Barred Owls)


The Pull by Ryan Peterson (Rich Zellman)

The Pull…The NW…Pursuing Steelhead

Short clip called The Pull that I found on Yuhina (FlyinTropical). This is the Pacific NW. I don’t think I could ever move away. 


Your Rig & Wet, Muddy Boots

I noticed my Tundra’s floor mats are always askew and as a result all those in and out in muddy, wet boots have taken a toll that no vacuuming, cleaning are going to remove at this point. I am not an overly fastidious vehicle owner, but maybe a little preventive maintenance wouldn’t hurt. Getting in the rig with muddy boots and wet waders do eventually take the edge off the interior. The exterior has enough character blemishes too. So, perhaps the floor mats with upraised edges might catch more snow, water, mud, dust and gravel? Here is a comparison of the two leading, collect the crap, floor mats (I don’t have either one, so no dog in the fight): Husky v. Weather Tech 


Photography by Midya

I visited Midya’s site (an 18 y/o young woman) and came upon this photograph that is so fun and as you click upon the picture to enlarge (best done on her site) notice the details and contrasts of life. 

The Camel, The Man and The Cell Phone. Many humorous phrases could be attached to this photograph, but the details of the shot, when zoomed in, are fascinating.


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