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Fly Tying: Pupa & Parachute

Hare's Ear dubbing with a little Peacock Ice Dub blended in and used to dub an abdomen/thorax. I continue to enjoy the deer hair placed into a dubbing loop and wound once for a collar. The shank is wrapped with tungsten wire.

I like this pattern. I struggle with the parachute wing. I work at reducing bulk in the thorax area and paying more attention to the hackle wraps. The quill abdomen is wrapped and overlaid with a thread ribbing, then a thin coating of head cement is applied. Last year, my quill bodies easily fractured so I am reinforcing them this time around. I am not certain a thread body with contrasting thread ribbing isn't easier, more durable and provides the contrast for segmentation.

Haven’t been able to tie in last week or two. I find I don’t have the attention span to tie complicated flies of late. Throwing together fuzzy, dubbed pupa patterns is preferable to the more tedious parachutes, but those flashy reared parachutes are a magnet.  



‘Morning Hatch’ Coffee Beans by Midcurrent FF

MidCurrent Fly Fishing Offers Morning Hatch Organic Coffee Beans

OK, I bit on the name alone. Which, I guess, is the idea. But, the beans themselves are excellent! A nice bold, dark roast for the mornings. As the East Wind blows hard down the Columbia Gorge this morning, this is a nice brew. Next someone will be offering a nice Pinot or Merlot. Sorry for the blurry pic…it was morning and I was shaky!

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