Wobbegongs (Carpet) Shark Sucks Down a Bamboo Shark (Daniela Ceccarelli & Tom Mannering, Nat Geo)

 I know there are all manner of advocates for Sharks and protecting this species and that one and I get that, but really this guy does not need any protections. Here I would be kicking along, oblivious or so hyper vigilant if I knew this creature was within an ocean’s distance, and there I would go. Now, how does a Bamboo Shark not know to watch out for the Wobbegongs Shark? They, the Bamboo Shark, definitely need some protection in the gene pool. (more here and other stuff from Eric Pfeiffer)

“Wobbegongs, aka carpet sharks, are silent predators, waiting at the bottom of the ocean floor for their pray to pass by. And as stunning as this photo may be, it’s not uncommon for Wobbegongs to devour such large meals. Like several kinds of snakes, the Wobbegong has a dislocating jaw and rearward-pointing teeth that help it consume disproportionately large prey.

Although Wobbegongs bite humans with some regularity, these usually aren’t actual attacks where the shark is hunting for prey. Rather, these bites tend to be more of a defensive reflex after the shark itself has been assaulted, usually by someone unintentionally stepping on it.” (That’s Me)