Heck, I don’t even do Fly Fishing movie reviews let alone a review on some hipster, Indie documentary. Well, I was whiling away an hour or so and this movie was on…Catfish.

The movie is annoyingly impish at first, but it awkwardly builds suspense and concludes with you sitting there in your dirty Tshirt, old sweat pants and exposed on the Internet as the deceiving bastard you are! Ok, that’s a bit harsh.

The last few scenes with the still fibbing Angela Wessleman are worth the rental fee or download….touching even if she is still in character. Many of us have been there. Many of us should be more careful. What goes around comes around. Thank goodness for the Catfish of life, although they really don’t help some folks.

Oh, the ‘it’s a fake’ crowd (not that it matters) you keep on those mailing lists with the Truther’s and Chem Trail crowd. OK, that’s it. No more movie reviews.