“The plant in this picture dates from the Pleistocene Age, 30,000 years ago, before agriculture, before writing, before the end of the last Ice Age. And while it’s not accurate to say the plant itself is that old, scientists in Russia say they regenerated it from frozen cells they found beneath 125 feet of permafrostin what is now northeastern Siberia.”

Ice Age Plant Revived

“The squirrels dug the frozen ground to build their burrows, which are about the size of a soccer ball, putting in hay first and then animal fur for a perfect storage chamber,” said Stanislav Gubin, one of the authors of the study, who spent years rummaging through the area for squirrel burrows.” 

“The plant is of the species Silene stenophylla, and radiocarbon dating says it is 31,800 years old, plus or minus 300 years. The Russian scientists were able to grow it in a conventional pot, and after a year of tender loving care, they say it blossomed, bore fruit, and dropped seeds. It lived, in other words, as if there had never been a 30,000-year interruption.” (more) (more)