Yesterday, a woman at work who is moving, came in with a bag in hand and plopped it up on my desk. “I know this is ugly; it belonged to my brother (deceased). I thought of you when I found it in the basement.” Covered in dust and cobwebs, it was a ceramic creation standing about a 18″ high of a large mouth bass with a dragon fly in its mouth surrounded by bilious blue waves of water. “Gosh thanks! Wow! How nice.” Such good fortune.

Almost anywhere in the U.S., there is a pond or lake nearby with America’s most fished for fish lurking nearby. I have actually never fly fished for bass (large mouth or small mouth) beyond a one time outting on Oregon’s Davis Lake. I caught a few, post spawn, and saw some sizable fish cruising about, but I have not made the commitment to chase bass with a fly. 

Top Water Tease by SwittersB (TM), Government Cove

I have made a harsh association of Bass with negative images. I know why. Don’t hold it against me. I have a negative association of Bass with the likes of Michael Iaconelli, Dave Mercer, Shaw Grigsby…….  I mean even if I link them to Kevin Van Dam, Jarrett Edwards or Hank Parker, I have this difficulty separating out Bass from tricked out sleds, gaudy shirts and rubber skirted spinner baits. I said don’t hold it against me. I need to remember that Bass do eat flies and assorted underwater creatures. Even my kid has figured this out. It’s my hangup. I just have to get Iaconelli out of my head. I have no clue where I will place the Bass & Dragon Fly….probably out on the deck.