Nothing exceptional here. Basic pupa patterns that utilize the materials I found yesterday in a hoarding house. Tucked away in boxes since 1982, the materials  worked out just fine. An old macrame plant hanger from the 60’s & 70’s and a very old fish net were cut up for sections that formed the abdomens of the flies.

The two ply macrame yarn was cut for length and the yarn sections were separated. The piece of yarn was tied in at the mid section of the shank and wrapped back over toward the rear. The thread was advanced up to the end of the typical abdomen’s length. I then twisted the yarn tight like a Serendipity pattern and wrapped the yarn forward. The abdomen was completed at about the 2/3 point. The thread was half hitched off and cut. The bead was pushed back against the abdomen and then the thorax/head was dubbed for a spiky efffect.

The FishNet Caddis is a scraggly affair. Again, nothing too unique here beyond the fishing net used for the abdomen. In this instance the bead head is pushed against the eye of the hook and the deer hair thorax is wrapped in behind the bead and the abdomen.