As a very few of you know, my last several years have often been devoted to elder health care (mom & aunt), hospice, death and the aftermath…hoarding homes cleanup on a vast scale (Hoarding Woes & You). Every now and then, I have come upon some small, barely salvageable items I believe would be great for fly tying. A piece of antron carpet, some fine copper wire, yarn and yesterday amidst a box containing plastic flowers and a dead possum…some awesome macrame‘d pot holder from the 70’s.

The macrame treasure was none the worse for wear despite this long resting critter who decided to find his/her final resting place atop a box of plastic flowers, plastic bags and the macrame treasure (well, at least I assess it to be one).

I saw that yarn, mottled and looking so Caddis like, so I extricated it, inspected it for bad ju ju and tucked it away. I also found an old fishing net, in bad shape, but cut away a swatch of it and added it for possible body material. I do this often, and I am sure you may as well…I see some material and inspect it for possibilities of fly tying: craft stores, Christmas/Birthday wrappings and as it were stuff tucked away in a long unvisited garage full of all manner of things. We shall see what I can create from the Possum Yarn and old net.

Salvaged 2 ply macrame yarn and some old fish netting.