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Kayak Fly Fishing & Nancie Battaglia’s Kayak Orgy

Photograph by Nancie Battaglia of the 1,925 kayaks and small boats that were combined as a record setting tribute/fundraiser to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. A Guiness World Record, Inlet’s giant raft, which took about two hours to form, also had the purpose of raising money for breast cancer research (a charity called Susan G. Komen for the Cure)

As a related topic, how about not only clustering together for an awesome shot, but individually plying the waters in a kayak and fishing. Ken Morrow at Fish Camp Rehab and Ken Morrow Outdoors writes about fishing from the kayak and other small vessels. Check out Ken’s two sites and study up on fishing from that skinny craft as well as fishing with physical limitations. I had seen Ken’s site this morning and later, while at the doctor’s office, I saw the cool shot by Nancie Battaglia. Imperfect pairing  but you get the idea.


Camping & Memories

The kids camping and traveling in Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska

Camping and all it entails brings back memories that, for me, are almost sacred. A family bonding that makes one yearn for those days of young children and the camp routine. I recall sitting out early, before the others have awakened. The camps around are quiet but for the other early risers. I would find the first glimmer of sunshine rising over a crest and sit in it for warmth, color and smoke my briar, Emma my Lab at my side. Soon the French Toast & Bacon would be consumed and the day would be filled with the sounds of families, dogs barking, fishing and family time. 

Recently, my kids were squabbling more than the usual brother-sister banter. I sent them each these old, faded pics to remind them of the good times and told them to behave (they are in their 20’s). Perhaps these times will be had again, but in a different way. New family members, grand children. I have visited my oldest boy’s family, camping near a lake and enjoyed their camp site. I am hopeful, almost certain, that the traditions will be carried forward in the years to come. Early Summer mornings, birds chirping, blue skies and big billowy clouds and tall trees. Fish rising and beckoning.


Fly Tying: Palmered Hackle…The Two Ways

Front To Rear w/ Copper Wire to the Front

Jay Nicholas demonstrates the front to rear, reinforced method. I have never used it much. Excellent for reinforcing the hackle to provide durability from gnarly teeth and forceps. 

David Cammiss Shows Both Palmering Methods Here

I learned the Rear to Front-Unreinforced Method. I rarely have had the hackle break on a Woolly Bugger or Elk Hair Caddis. Practice both methods and see how durable it is for you. 

I have to admit that much of the fly tying durability techniques: head cement, reinforcing the hackle with wire, double whip finishing at the head, head cement on the shank before wrapping the thread or body….have never proven necessary for me…yes, I do on occasion catch enough fish to test that practice.

The only place I have had flies separate from fish teeth or forceps is the front hackle. So, I would imagine my securing of the hackle was amiss. Rarely has the thread head unraveled. And, truly if a fly is falling apart from too many fish or their sharp teeth then ‘hooray for me!!!’

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