A grouping of flies from a small box I carry in the shirt pocket. The box is not a fly box, but from an old camera battery box that I glued some foam into.

The box has taken a beating over the years. I have little Scientific Anglers fly boxes that will probably take the place of this cracking, fractured box. But, for whatever reason I have stayed with this makeshift box. Now if you have come by here before you know I have a problem with accumulating fly boxes. I have so many tied flies just sitting in containers, clumped together in randomness. They deserve a place in a box(es). Yet, I have dozens upon dozens of filled boxes. I tie and tie for fun and experimentation. The flies just keep accumulating. A few of these and those and before you know it there are thousands of flies. Of course, many are not very good. I mean even an old ‘impressionistic’ tier like myself can’t rationalize their worth. 

The steadfast little gem is showing signs of aging and the problems from when it goes into a back pocket instead of a shirt pocket.